Xbox Games with Gold vs PlayStation Plus Showdown for February

GamerFitNation compares the games in February's Xbox Games with Gold with PlayStation Plus' free games. This month's winner is clear.

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Majin-vegeta2858d ago

PS+ will always come out on top.

Thatguy-3102858d ago

Lol it's not even fair. No point since the winner is OBVIOUS.

xHeavYx2858d ago

PS+ owns Games With Gold this month, but I have a feeling that MS (at least for 1 month, probably when they announce an Xbox game for free) will come up strong, but then fade away

gaffyh2858d ago

Don't even have to look at the story to know that the PS+ offering will be significantly better.

pyramidshead2858d ago

I've not scrolled down enough yet but I bet I won't have to scroll down long to read a "B-b-b-b-but you're renting them! GWG is free for ever!"

Fact: PS+ pays for itself over and over.

Kryptix2857d ago

The problem with Games with Gold can be asked in a question, how many times do you actually pick up an old game after finishing it? Not much compared to being excited to playing a game that is really good and came out a year or 2 back. Do you prefer keeping your games and play those the next month or play the games as you get them but they are newer? Think about it, as you're subscribed, you download the latest games given. I'm not gonna subscribe and miss out with older games that I finished the month before.

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Kayant2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Yep as long as MS continues with their policy of giving the games away. I really don't think they are even trying to compete because we all know that MS have the influence,power,resources to match IGC or even beat it some months if they would lease these games instead of giving away free old games that don't have as much value or relevance as the newer ones offered by Sony with IGC.

Sure I get to keep these games forever most people would have played these games already. It's much better to give your customers access the newer titles that are more relevant IMO.


Edit -


The percentage of people that haven't played newer games like bioshock:infinite and Metro:Last light will be more than likely higher seeing as Dead Island and the like have been available for *Years* of the X360's lifetime.

ThePope2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

It can be said for the PS+ games. I mean what percentage of people who WANT to play Bioshock haven't?

PS + rents the games to you GWG gives them to you. Both are different, and both are good.

To Majin,

You don’t know what PS+ will look like on PS4, will it be all Indies with only half being worth playing? Or will it be lots of AAA games. Only time will tell. Not only that we have no idea what's in store for GWG. And if you don’t think Microsoft is focusing on spending the money (which on the manufacturers side is all this about) to make the program amazing you’re crazy...

Gamer19822858d ago

Does the renting argument even apply to ps4 owners anymore though? As nearly every PS4 owner will have a PS+ sub anyway.. So you basically have them for life or until you finally had enough of the console.

Whiskeyjacked872858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

@thepope whatever the PS+ has in store is sure to blow away whatever GWG is going to offer in the future.

dedicatedtogamers2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Microsoft needs to step it up. In just the past 3 months we've gotten Borderlands 2 (released late 2012), Bioshock Infinite, Brothers, Metro Last Light, Payday 2, and Remember Me (all five of those launched less than a year ago). And that's just for PS3. There was even more offered on Vita and PS4.

Dead Island? That was on PS+ like...over a year ago. Sure, they let you keep your 4-year-old game. Wow. I'd rather pay a reasonable sum to "rent" these games (many of which I'd never buy and I'll likely never replay) than get a few games that I own forever but probably won't replay anyway.

ThePope2858d ago

"many of which I'd never buy and I'll likely never replay"

So who cares then? Sounds like both are offering you games you don't want.

dedicatedtogamers2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )


Nah, I'm old-school. I actually still rent (well, did rent, prior to PS+) games. I try before I buy if I can. I used Gamefly in the past (but I don't subscribe anymore). I borrowed games from friends and lent my games to my friends in return.

There are a lot of games out there that are okay. Heck, there are a lot of games out there that are really, really great, but I'll never replay them, so why bother with owning them? I didn't get a chance to play Brothers last year, nor have I played Borderlands 2. Why? Not on the top of my priority list. But I'll certainly give them a try, now that they're free to me.

That's the thing. I like being able to try these games, many of which are less than a year old. Microsoft is offering very old games, many of which already have newer sequels. I am significantly less likely to be interested in trying a game that's 3 years old compared to a game that is less than 1 year old. Not to mention (using the last two months as an example) games like Bioshock, Brothers, and Metro were featured on tons of GotY lists and Best of 2013 lists. Can the same be said for Dead Island?

Whiskeyjacked872858d ago

@thepope justify it any way you can to help you sleep with your poor choice for gaming but PS+ trumps GWG

Mister_Dawg2858d ago

Easy to give newer games when they are only for rent!

_FantasmA_2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Yeah, it must be so expensive for M$ to give you games that can be found at garage sales and pawn shops and that you can trade in for 25 cents.

NeoTribe2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

The fact stands that i got to play over 1500 dollars worth of titles i would have never known id love through ps plus. Games with gold games are so old i wouldnt even waste the room on the tiny little hdd xbox 1 has.

medman2857d ago

Are we still doing this nonsense? To date, it has been no competition. We don't need monthly updates on it. When Microsoft begins to offer games that aren't a decade old and complete garbage compared to psplus, that's when articles should be written. Until then, we don't need news we already know.

PudgeySan2857d ago

Don't even need to read the article to know who is the winner here. My PS4 is an atomic free indie game machine and i'm not even mad really. Don't starve kept me busy for the whole months like crack to a.. umm.. crackhead? and Outlast seriously is creepy as fuck and hard to play alone but wicked awesome.. reminds me of the Res dayz. Bf4 is where it's at though, Ea needs to get there shit together right quick though, Jesus H !!!

Automatic792857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Another website wanting hits.

Many gamers will constantly say that psn is better then xbox live but lets look at a few reasons why they are both great. First PSN + has had a year headstart and as a nextflix subscription based program it has proven to get better with time. Xbox live does not not even have a year out since May gamers have been treated to some great classics and modern games. Now here is the kicker psn + gives you rented games for PSVita, PS3 and now PS4 where as Xbox live is for Xbox 360, MS Surface windows based apps and soon Xbox One. Overall PSN games are rented and Xbox live games are free for ever. Cons if you stop the subscription for psn you lose the games if you stop xbox live you keep them. Both offer great titles and both are considered free when you are part of there ecosystem. Enough with the comparison both have been great value's to current and future subscribers.

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typoknight2858d ago

Dead Island is one of the worst games I've ever played.

PixelNinja2858d ago

You have not played a lot of bad games then.
I am one of the lucky ones to have played ET for the Atari 2600 and Superman 64.

typoknight2858d ago

When I played Dead Island with a friend, the game simultaneously froze both of our Xboxes. The dialogue, voice acting and story were terrible. The weapon durability system was frustrating; the best weapons only lasted a few hits before the player has to drop a colossal amount of money to repair them. The gameplay was six hours of hitting the same zombies with sticks, with the occasional special zombie thrown in.

I'm not saying it's the worst game ever made, but it's pretty terrible.

MysticStrummer2858d ago

If the game had worked properly I'd say it was pretty decent, though not amazing in any way. Unfortunately it was hands down the buggiest game I've ever played. Lots of freezing, mostly when I played online, but online or off I had issues with my progress through the game not registering. I had to play multiple sections of the game two, three, sometimes four or five times. As an example, I did the part where you go through the sewer to city hall and back three times before the game gave me credit, even though the maddening autosave symbol would come onscreen several times during the run. I began to hate the autosave symbol. I had weapons vanish from my inventory as soon as I stepped away from the workbench after making them, or disappear into the ground after throwing them. I saw zombies run through walls or down into the ground, only to pop out of the ground in front of me. I had vehicles vanish while I was driving them, then appear down the road. Quest rewards not given to me… the list goes on, and the friend who co-oped most of the game with me had the same problems.

SonyStyled2858d ago

omg superman 64. i dont even remember what you had to do in that game besides fly around

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UnHoly_One2858d ago

I loved it. God knows how many times I've played through it both solo and co-op. Probably 6-8 times if I had to guess.

Never had any serious problems with the game and I thought it was a blast.

And 6 hours? Are you saying you played the entire game in 6 hours, because that seems impossible? I think my FASTEST playthrough was near to 30 hours.

Redinfamy2858d ago

Dang it is that bad, I played it for like 30 minutes but I wished I played it with friends

ABizzel12858d ago


Dead Island is a decent game, with way too many glitches.

I wouldn't say it's the worse.

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Hicken2858d ago

Like bringing a pea shooter to a nuke fight.

Angels37852858d ago

A grain of sand to a Russian nuke fight

strigoi8142858d ago

no free games are way way better