The Music And Rhythm Games That Time Forgot

Taking a look back at some of the forgotten music and rhythm games from yesteryear. How many have you played?

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Venox20081716d ago

thats a good list.. I ll add:

Space channel 5 (1 and 2)

btw.. Gitaroo and Elite beat agent (plus Osu takae ouendan 1 and 2) are a MUST PLAY :)

Toon_Link1716d ago

Amplitude is another great rhythm game it's kinda the sequel to frequency.

NarooN1716d ago

Such a shame that rhythm games are mostly a rarity nowadays. I still plan to get a new PS2 and a new dance mat so I can start back to playing DDR. I still play Rock Band a few times a month as well.

Who remembers Um Jammer Lammy? Haha.

Nerdmaster1716d ago

I love Um Jammer Lammy! I think it's so much better than Parappa (probably because I prefer rock over rap).

NarooN1716d ago

Agreed 100%! The only rap I listen to is intelligent underground rap, so I preferred Um Jammer Lammy over Parappa for that reason alone. I wish they'd make a Lammy sequel some day, that'd be sick! So many catchy songs, lol.

It also make a lot more sense who Lammy could freestyle her riffs than the nonsense Parappa would blurt out, XD.

ChipChipperson1716d ago

Nice, Gitaroo Man is getting some more love now. I must have spent hours constantly playing Tainted Lovers in that game.