Evolve News Coming Early Next Week

iGR: "Since it was announced, Turtle Rock Studios have been releasing tidbits of information about Evolve. Things like character classes have been outlined, and we know there's going to be several playable alien's down the line. But for the most part, the meat and potatoes of the 4v1 CoOpetitive shooter are unknown. That could change next Monday."

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Salooh1712d ago

Looking forward to it. I don't know why but even though we didn't see any footage for it i feel like this game will be really fun ^^

erathaol1712d ago

I feel the same, read a few articles around it and I want to see what those guys came up with in action.

Slevon1712d ago

I'm pretty excited for this game, I need a good co-op game to play. Also how the concept for a game like this hasn't been done before boggles my mind