Shane Kim Talks about Rumored Wii-mote Clone for Xbox 360

Rumors have circulated for months concerning a rumored motion controller for the Xbox 360.

Kim told Kombo that no such controller is being announced today, but Microsoft does not comment on rumors. He went on to say that Microsoft is very pleased with the success of Xbox 360 peripherals -- such as the Scene It! controller -- and the company is always investing in research and development of new innovative devices.

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blynx1824466d ago

They keep dodging questions like Neo dodged bullets in the Matrix. Whatever. "We don't comment on rumors and speculation" my ass. Nintendo denied that they are working on a new DS. Why can't Microsoft just do the same?

Superfragilistic4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

It's heartening at least that Shane Kim says the following:

"However, he did say that Microsoft has to be careful about doing such a thing, as it could be "dangerous" to blatantly rip-off Nintendo's Wii controller He added that Microsoft has to find and do what is best for itself, noting that what works for Nintendo might not work for Microsoft."

That tells me that if it does exist, it's not going to look like the picture next to this article or be a Wii remote copycat. Plus if it's to "work for Microsoft" does that mean integration with FPS & RTS?

joevfx4466d ago

first they said HDMI was useless. then they added an HDMI to the 360. THen they said motion controllers are just a fad, then they start to add motion controlers to the 360 haha.

InYourMom4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

I say who cares?

Sony said rumble was last-gen and introduced a whole new controller to now support it. There is nothing wrong with companies changing their minds and responding to the customer base.

I thought this was a big load of BS at first but now I'm about %95 sure that this is coming; but what's the big deal? They aren't going to disable the traditional controller. If you don't like then don't buy it, I'm sure there will be games that take advantage of it but it's not going to replace their current controller.

ReggieFilsAime4466d ago

How will they be successful as all our system have sold more than they'll ever make. Wii is the future and everyone wants one. Even I can't get my hands on this hot item of the century.

Ikanago4466d ago

Releasing a wii-mote style controller wouldn't be enough. They'd need a library of games to support it. Otherwise, it would basically be like the PS3 Eye, which has some games available for it but they're sorta like demos and most people don't use it.

What makes the Wii-mote work is that every Wii game uses it (for better or worse) and the system was designed around it.

My guess is that MS won't be doing one of their own seeing as how they don't appear to have any games in development that support motion control.

InYourMom4466d ago

I don't remember hearing about "Totem Ball" before they released the Vision Camera. For all we know MS could be deving these games right now.

Who knows maybe you have a game that uses both traditional and "waggle". It would be kinda cool like in Gears of War 2 that whenever you use the chainsaw you use the "Waggle" for the duels. It would kind of add an extra element to gameplay when each person has to reach for the waggle and then duel. Of course you could choose to use the traditional as well and set matches to support waggle or not. Just a "way out there" suggestion...

Alcohog4466d ago

The 360 has officially jumped the shark when they announce this.

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The story is too old to be commented.