Nine Tips for Bravely Default Heroes: Maximum Experience Points and More in Bravely Default

GR - Bravely Default is out in the US! Hooray! Finally. It's been a while but the first major 3DS game of 2014 is here thanks to Nintendo and Square Enix. Bravely Default is awesome. To find out why, read Heath Hindman's review. I've been scratching the surface of this massive and classically-minded Japanese role-playing game, so Heath had to help me with some (all) of these tips.

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insertcoin1712d ago

Thanks for those tips. Need my copy now!

dbjj120881712d ago

Yeah, gotta wait to pick up my CE.

ftwrthtx1712d ago

Having tips going into one of these games is always a great idea, Thanks.

dbjj120881712d ago

I've been dying to play since Japanese launch. Really long wait here in America.

knifefight1711d ago

The special stacking makes it sound like boss battles could get insane. I hope there are some super-hard special bosses to go with such delicious inclusions. :D