Frugal Gaming Review | Dungeon Keeper

Karlos Morale writes "Approaching this review, you may have heard one or two things about terrible gameplay, predatory business models and a shocking disregard for gamers shown in this title. These things are all true - Even stuff you might have made up in your head, on the spot, just then. Dungeon Keeper is probably the greatest example of how the mobile game market needs a radical overhaul – and that action needs to start with you, today..."

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Omac_brother1808d ago

"like a drunken busker stumbling his way through some of your favourite tunes and demanding cash in return for silence". This is my favourite Dungeon Keeper review to date.

zippycup1808d ago

i have to agree on this review they should change the name to money grabber

FrugalDaz1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

These tactics are killing mobile gaming for me. Bad enough when the micro-transactions are on throw away games, but even worse when its beloved games like this!

zxalpha641807d ago

Brutally honest review of a cynical ploy by EA to fleece us of our money. This is not free to pay as I understand it. EA could teach most politicians a thing or two about stealth tax.