Senran Kagura is good for the games industry

Rice Digital makes a counter argument to Official Nintendo's piece on how Senran Kagura is damaging the games industry.

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Blacklash933584d ago

Are these games actually any good? I know pretty much nothing about them other than boobies.

Swiggins3584d ago

They're passable gameplay wise, but unfortunately every. single. fucking. character is either a cliche or terribly written, or both.

Fanservice is pretty much the ONLY thing that's making this series popular.

Brucis3584d ago

I found them pretty fun and enjoyed the surprising amount of text, plot and backstory. Fanservice is a big part of the series but it's not the only reason people like it.

Bimkoblerutso3577d ago

I just don't understand it. You can get actual pornographic games like...anywhere online. If your aim is to be sexually aroused, why would you look to a game that you are trying to enjoy in a completely different way?

I mean, I've heard that the actual gameplay is pretty fun, but why is there an insistence in this day and age to put fan service is friggin EVERYTHING (to varying degrees)?

Why do I need to be sporting wood while I'm trying to pummel someone into the ground!?

Magicite3574d ago

cliches with boobies...ummm

DualWielding3578d ago

from a mechanical point of view, the 3DS game (Burst) is one of the best 2D Beat'em ups I have played, don't know about Vita which is Hack and slash and haven't played

hazelamy3584d ago

i can't say it'd be my favourite game, trying to get these girls into the least amount of clothes possible without them actually being naked seems to be one of the objectives of the game, not a great way to treat your characters.

but really, i'd rather see games like this with badass, kick the crap out of you if you look at them funny girls, than the "i'm helpless and always getting captured, come rescue me", princesses from most nintendo games.

and they all seem to be school girls so there's no need to defend the use of the word "girls" like the writer of the ONM article, even though i just did.
but in a less patronising way i feel.

frankly i think nintendo's usual treatment of their female characters, except Samus of course, is worse.

what's a worse message to send to women and girls?

that women are weak and need men to save them, or that the female form is attractive.
frankly i wouldn't mind somebody telling me my form is attractive once in a while. ^_^

seriously though.

i'm not saying this game doesn't feature a bit of sexism, because it does.
the girls are portrayed as sex objects, but not just as sex objects, but they can also kick your arse nine ways from sunday.

they're not just waiting for some man to rescue them.

i never thought i'd be defending this game, but here i am.
maybe it's because of where the criticism of the game is coming from.

i think nintendo's attitude to women is far more damaging.
while it would be nice if the women/girls in gaming dressed more appropriately, i'd rather see them going out, kicking arse and taking names to get the prize for themselves than just being the prize.
seriously, for over 25 years the Legend of Zelda games have been coming out and not once has the title character been the lead in the game, she's nearly always been the usual nintendo princess in getting captured and waiting for the guy to save her.

Inception3584d ago

"seriously, for over 25 years the Legend of Zelda games have been coming out and not once has the title character been the lead in the game, she's nearly always been the usual nintendo princess in getting captured and waiting for the guy to save her."

It's obvious that you don't know shit about Zelda. And i'll bet you never play Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker. In Ocarina of Time, it's Zelda who always help Link with crucial hints / stuff so he can defeat Ganondorf. Not to mention Zelda act like a badass ninja in here.

And in Wind Waker, Zelda is a pirate and she even assist Link in the final battle against Ganondorf with her bow that can fire arrows of Light.

That's why your comment about Nintendo doesn't respect women in their game is entirely false.

CrossingEden3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

This article starts with:

"I like boobs. I find them stimulating. Sexually stimulating. It's this reason that I like Senran Kagura"

That pretty much tells you all you need to know about why the author of this horrible article would want to keep games like senran kagura, that literally do NOTHING to help the game industry, around.
To quote the article that this childish writer is trying to counter,

"When was the last time you saw a fully-clothed male character have to strip down to his tighty-whiteys in order to deal a devastating blow to an enemy? Or indeed, when did a game make a big deal out of the fact that a male character was wearing few clothes? I can't recall any game that I've played where a man's crotch was the sole focus of the camera at all, let alone for a noticeable period of time.
^ For every ONE game that sexualizes men like this, there's 30 games that sexualize women the same way.
^ People try to name games like god of war and say "see men are sexualized too" without actually looking at the content of those games. Sure male game characters are good looking but I certainly don't know any women who find Kratos, Marcus Fenix, or Joel super attractive, the game developers also don't sexualize these protagonists at all. Secondly,
I don't see how a game that's only purpose is to sexualize underage anime girls with grossly huge mammaries is good for the games industry, which has been trying for the past ten years to prove that it's a worthy competitor to the film industry. While we get games like this, the film industry pumps out films like Frozen, which teaches women about empowerment without making them do violent things. If the game industry is gonna be taken seriously then we seriously need to stop with this blatant fap material(because that's all it is, not like they have a good story or characters, memorable unique gameplay, or great interesting character designs and graphics) and treat women as actual women who are just as capable as men except without the excessive borderline hentai fanservice. Hell, even the order 1886 is treating women better than this. Tell me, which game screenshots looks like it has a strong woman protagonist who we can say "This is a strong, respectable female character in video games that's just as capable as her male companions" in public without being embarrassed.
compared to
The japanese game industry seriously needs to grow up because the west is doing all the work when it comes to proving that video-games are a mature storytelling medium that will catch up to the world of film sooner than later, despite the massive gap in storytelling quality. Sex or sexual content without context is only there to cater to lonely horny teenage boys, that's a fact.
Inb4 the usual group of sexist "gamers" reply and thumbs down.

KonsoruMasuta3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

All of you're comments show your bias against a single country. You act as if this iponly happens in Japan.

Oh, it's okay when topless woman are waiting in bed for Kratos or when Cortana gets a bustier redesign, but god forbid a Japanese game comes out with girls that are sexualized. May I also remind you that these girls are not considered underaged in Japan?

You talk about sexism, but what about your xenophobia?

Brucis3584d ago

They're not underage in their home country and they're not 'grossly' huge. Do you honestly think that there aren't women with large breasts like that? I know for a fact that there are women with bigger. Also, if you played the game you'd know that there actually is story and characterization. Having fanservice doesn't mean that's all there is. Believe it or not you can have PLOT and plot at the same time.

plasticidolatry3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Are there really delusional "underage girls with big boobs" apologists on this site? Wow.

"They're not underage in their home country" Great pedophile defense right there. Actually, the age of consent in most areas of Japan is 16-18.

"Do you honestly think that there aren't women with large breasts like that?" Maybe 0.1% of women of that age have breasts that large, a game full of them is clearly for hentai-fetish purposes.

"there actually is story and characterization" Vapid and stereotypical personalities typical of hentai games. Nothing of value here.

"Having fanservice doesn't mean that's all there is." Making flimsy and fallacious excuses doesn't invalidate complaints about fanservice.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Western Game Developers and Publishers focus more on making males man too much

What female character is popular in the west oh only Lara Croft.

Vs the Japanese side you have countless of popular Males and Female Icons.

Venoxn4g3584d ago

I personally enjoy anime and ecchi anime as well, still its not hentai and I dont like it anyway.. still from what I saw in game trailers and gameplay videos, this game plays alright, little bit of fan service is not a bad thing, but thats not a reason why I've preordered this game, can't wait, plus if you pre-order it from GAME, you get 3D poster of Senran Kagura :)

LordHiggens3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

public MyOpinion{

public static void main (String [] args){

boolean dontLike = false;

if(dontLike = true){
system.out.println("Do not play and stfu.");}

system.out.println("Enjo y bewbs.");

plasticidolatry3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

"Do not play and stfu." Get those normal people away from my underage with big boobs waifu hugbox!

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Censorship In Gaming - Where Is The Line?

SXO: I recently got a chance to review Senran Kagura Burst on the PS4 which some of you may only be familiar with due to the stir it created among the fanbase...

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isarai1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

No reason it shouldn't be the same line as every other entertainment medium out there. Problem is there are still higher ups out there with this old stigmatic mindset that video games are just kids toys. I don't get pissed about censorship because i want to see T&A, i get pissed because every time something gets censored in a game that wouldn't be censored otherwise on any other medium, it's a step back away from games being a respected art form. Stifling creativity in general and keeping games back from what they can truly become and express.

Tankbusta401779d ago

Kids these days are probably exposed to everything as soon as they get their smartphone or Ipad. I really don't know why anyone feels the need to censor anything...that's the job of responsible parents(if they choose to parent that way).

blackblades1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

I was exposed in 5th grade when searching for Dragon ball z pictures on the internet. Some how ended up on some dbzxxx on accident. They have that content on movies, TV series, Netflix, woman wearing leggings in the store etc... its everywhere. I still wanna know the actual censorship document for the full extent of it from sony.