Essential Bravely Default tips for beginners

Bravely Default is a complex game filled with unique mechanics and a lot of customization. So, GamesBeat has put together this little guide to help you get started. Again, Bravely Default is a huge game that allows for a lot of strategy, but these tips should get you through the early parts of your adventure.

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wita1766d ago

I love that you can mess with the encounter rate.

spacepope1766d ago

For real! It should be a default option in most grind intensive RPG's. :P

MatrixxGT1766d ago

Does pokemon x/y have that feature? I loved it in the demo, sometimes you just wanted to get back to town and not be interupted. Or crank it to the max and grind twice as fast.

darkronin2291766d ago

The hype is strong with this one. But I know my poor wallet can't handle it right now...

barefootgamer1766d ago

Thanks for the tips! Picking this up later today.

Raistlinhawke1766d ago

Did not expect this game to be this complex, definitely intrigued.

NagaSotuva1766d ago

Just need to get my hands on a 3DS.

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