The Order 1886 "Looks Like A Movie", "Better Than Infamous"

PlayStation Spain's Product Manager has seen The Order 1886 and made some bold claims on Twitter; he even admitted to prefer it over Infamous: Second Son.

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Angels37851808d ago

All this order stuff is eating at my soul....I want this game now.

Xsilver1808d ago

2 weeks and we get to see it in action.

Angels37851808d ago

Heres the problem with that:

"2 weeks"

Imp0ssibl31808d ago

Can't wait for that. If the game is being hyped up this much, it's probably for a good reason.

Etseix1808d ago

Easier said than... waiting...

ThunderSpark1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Looks better than infamous???? No wonder it is 30fps. If it looked like Tomb Raider, it would probably run at > 60fps.

But Infamous looks so gorgeous, how is this even possible?

Xsilver1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I mean infamous is Open World game and the The Order is Linear so i can understand why it looks better but granted both games have allot going on.

johndoe112111808d ago

*comes out, logs onto n4g, reads imt558 comment, sets timer for 11 days, goes back into cryogenic chamber*

Destrania1808d ago

I'll just leave this here. Absolutely stunning.

TBONEJF1808d ago

2 weeks not fast enough.

Eonjay1808d ago

I think people alresdy know it looks great, thats why people are trying to step up the hate. Either way I just want to see it myself.

ShinMaster1808d ago

The only competition to PlayStation games, is other PlayStation games.

( but to be fair, InFamous is open world :P )

NumOnePS3FanBoy1807d ago

"Better than inFamous" Bold words indeed

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Thatguy-3101808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Can honestly believe his statement. Just think about it. Infamous is an open world game and it looks amazing. Imagine how more linear games would look like? This, the next uncharted, QD next game etc. is going to melt our eyes!!! Sony has truly one of the best developers in the industry. Big things will come

medman1808d ago

I'm waiting to see if this game approaches what I saw from The Division, which absolutely left my jaw agape...that will be it's benchmark as far as I'm concerned. I expect a great deal from Sony first party devs. I really have a hard time imagining what the next Uncharted or God of War will look like, but I'm hoping to get a clue from what they show for The Order:1886. This is going to be a very good year for the PS4. E3 may very well kill me.

WillM171808d ago

The Order is this, The order is that. I WANT TO SEE JUST A GAMEPLAY OF THIS CRAP!

gigoran1808d ago

Go troll somewhere else obvious xbone fanboy troll

JoGam1808d ago

Listen, I wouldn't call you an xbox troll just because said something negative about the game however you are a troll.

FamilyGuy1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

It's happening again...
Sonys exclusives are the only things that can compete with other Sony exclusives. lol

What a crazy statement, Infamous looks really fun and beautiful. The Order looks gorgeous and we're waiting to see how fun it is. All I know is it has a great setting and I'm a fan of 3rd person shooters.

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MysticStrummer1808d ago

@joe - They're just parroting Penello. When asked about any PS4/XB1 comparison that shows a PS4 power advantage he/they just blurt out "Ryse!".


@Joe canada, You are right, but to be fair when Cevat Yerli (Owner of Crytek)from Ryse talked about making Ryse at 30fps and 900p with MSAA for a cinematic experience all the Sony Fanboys bashed it and did not believe that was why! No that The Order is stating the exact same thing but at a slightly higher resolution and 4xMSAA, all of you are not questioning it, are you? Im not trying to argue with any of you as I know the PS4 is more powerful, but sometimes you guys contradict your own moral towards something you don't like just because it's Not Sony... Having said that, Ryse is the best Graphics on X1, but trust me, the Order will surpass easily ;)

neoMAXMLC1808d ago


" , all of you are not questioning it, are you? "

"[Now] that The Order is stating the exact same thing but at a slightly higher resolution and 4xMSAA"

"slightly higher resolution and 4xMSAA"

You really just answered your own question there... That resolution and MSAA difference is actually quite a huge difference.

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ramiuk11808d ago

im scared its got so much hype this game,yet surrounded in mystery.

im not gonna read anything else about ituntil i see actual gameplay,then im not gonna watch anything else till its out.
just like watchdogs and division.


BallsEye1808d ago

gameplay's a talk from sony manager...wan't to see it played live.

Sevir1808d ago

Like Penello's chatter about Ryse?

BallsEye1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )


Ryse actually came out and we played it. No need to spectaculate and hype. It is best looking (graphically) game so far, even other devs said so and it got all the awards. From the very second it was announced on XO we've seen amazing looking graphics played live. If you say otherwise, you've obviously NEVER played it and please don't lie that you did. This game made me a believer as no other next gen game I own impressed me when it comes to graphics (seen it all long time ago on my pc).

I'm very interested in The Order but so far we've seen only few low res screens and not even from actual gameplay but cut-scenes so DO NOT COMPARE.

monkey481808d ago

@Destrania now that looks next gen.

assdan1808d ago

Yay, I'm less concerned about the whole no multiplayer thing now. It actually means something that he thinks it looks better graphically than another exclusive. I'm more excited from infamous, but holy crap those was a beautiful screen. Hopefully it always looks like that.

bigfish1808d ago

"Looks Like A Movie" been saying that since the days of ps1 but the game starts looking shit again a couple years down the line.

Bathyj1808d ago

I have to say, they built up the hype for this game brilliantly.

ovnipc1807d ago

Both infamous ss and the order will be great games, no need to compete. And both are different type of games. Iss looks like its funner powers flying stuff like that, the order more serious more story oriented. Idc im getting both.

tee_bag2421807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

This game definitely looks good and is on my radar.
It might be the game that makes me get a ps4. I love the art direction - reminds me of Vampire Hunter D

Tzuno1807d ago

the problem is that ATM there is nothing to play on ps4 and people accept whatever they are given at this moment that's why every new game that appears on the console is hype for everyone. just wait to see the game in action when is released before jumping around because there are a lot of marketing stunts these days. not hatin' just sayin'

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DeletedAcc1808d ago

No surprise when you know the dev.
Ready at dawn is the direct competitor to ND

BlakHavoc1808d ago

Sony Santana Monica is an excellent competitor. But RAD may become Sonys next big studio, hopefully they buy them in the future

CryofSilence1808d ago

I believe Sony Santa Monica is collaborating with this project.

Sevir1808d ago

Well the People at RAD are Ex NaughtyDog and Ex SSM devs along with some good folks from GG, Crystal Dynamics and Bethesda! They have a huge pedigree and DNA from the best in the industry.

But they are staying independent. So they really can't be Sony's best developer, right now, that's a Toss up between NaughtyDog and Media Molecule. I honestly consider RAD Sony's best Second Party partner.

Rich16311808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Way way too early to say Ready At Dawn is a competitor to the genius that is Naughty Dog. They have just done a few handheld games. Nothing even remotely on par with ND. Plus we haven't seen a damn thing from this game yet. Just a teaser trailer. Gosh...Sony fanboys say such stupid stuff and this is coming from a PS4 owner. Right now the only competitor to ND is Rockstar and Irrational Games. Not say RAD won't be...but let's atleast see something from the actual game. -_-

Muerte24941808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Sorry my friend but you're completely incorrect. [email protected]'s performance on the PSP actually helped move units. They down't make special editions for the hell of unless the developer behind the game is exceptional.

God of War: Ghosts of Sparda 86 metacritc

"God of War: Ghost of Sparta is the perfect swansong for Ready At Dawn, their mastery of the PSP unmatched.."
God of War: Chains of Olynpus 91 metacritic

"Chains of Olympus has vicious combat, mythological figures, and awesome moments that will be burned into your mind for years...This is one of the few must-play titles for the PSP."

Also they have the aid from Sony Santa Monica who have developers who worked on Uncharted/Last of Us. It's actually one of the perks of owning so many first party studios.

HeavenlySnipes1808d ago

Santa Monica

But they're helping with this game so I expect great things

Tontus1808d ago

Sony Santa Monica = Ready at Dawn = Naughty Dog

Sony is so lucky to have these 3 developers, even though I'm not much of an Uncharted fan I though The Last of Us was just amazing. SSM created an unbelievably great trilogy and single-handedly saved the genre. RaD created 3 amazing PSP games.

They aren't competitors, it's all one big family, hopefully RaD gets adopted by Sony.

deafdani1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

"SSM created an unbelievably great trilogy and single-handedly saved the genre."

I guess you're talking about the God of War games and the hack n' slash genre?

I love that franchise. I've played all of its 6 games. However, aren't you being a bit unfair here? What about Platinum Games, with Bayonetta, Wonderful 101 and Metal Gear Rising?

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SWayne1808d ago

I personally think the hype can deliver on this game. As someone else said, there is good reason why there is hype on this game.

Stringerbell1808d ago

Time to pull a Cartman and freeze myself until the game comes out. Don't forget to wake me!

LarVanian1808d ago

By the time you wake up, The Order: 3886 will be out!

Meltic1808d ago

better than infamous second son lol. yeah sucker punch releases infamous earlier than the order. Try release the order same as infamous instead. The order have more time to polish the game than infamous... cant compare that

DeletedAcc1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

That does not mean sucker punch did have a shorter development time.
With your logic it means that both started at the same time

Meltic1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

no that wans't what i meant. I meant that the order is an open World on only LONDON and infamous is sett in Seattle. Huge diffrent. The order developerments can focus more on graphic rather than big scale of the map and sucker punch can focus on more open World game + good graphic but meaby not as good as the order but good enough. I rather play an open World game than a graphic half open World game...

nategrigs1808d ago

They may not have started at the same time (no way to know that), but releasing later means that the order is able to learn from the tricks that SP developed. They are better able to optimize (even though its only a few months)

It's also worth noting that infamous is an open world game. The scale of it's city has an impact on the visuals.

MidnytRain1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Lolwut? How can that possibly be what you meant? Your two comments weren't even the same topic.

Karpetburnz1808d ago

Infamous is an open world game with great graphics, and The Order is a linear game with even better graphics, you see, developers have to make sacrifices to have an open world game.

ObiWanaTokie1807d ago

Its like he's trying to speak to us, I know it!

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