Why It's Ok to Be a Little Disappointed That The Order 1886 Won't Feature Multiplayer

Pixel Critique writes: Actually, that phrase tacked on kind of bothers me in this instance. It’s one of many that people have to be careful to not make generalities regarding, and immediately assign it a negative connotation.

There have been many games which tacked on a multiplayer mode that may have not been brilliant game changers, but did lend the title a hefty amount of additional play time that ended up rounding out the experience. Uncharted 2 and Max Payne 3 are good examples of this.

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staticdash221712d ago

No, it's up to developers to come up with ways to add replay ability to single player games. The game has changed, and narrative driven games have to evolve because it's a natural part of this industry.

What about adding multiple pathways in and out of levels? Add collectibles like dossiers. Promote some exploration/discover ability so players want to interact with the environment and with NPCs. There are lots of ways to promote replayable nature in narrative driven games than generic team deathmatch modes. It's time developers use their heads in that way.

Angels37851712d ago

There should be an article with the title

"Why no one cares that the order doesn't have multiplayer"

I know I don't.

Thatguy-3101712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

"Can't wait to get my hands on the multi-player" wasn't a thought that popped in my head when watching the E3 trailer. Heck I rather have an amazing experience with the SP more than anything. Multi-player could work for this game but am I disappointed? No simply because I wasn't expecting it. Most likely for future installments they could work on it but for now I respect their choice for not including it. People just want to whine about any little thing. Sony exclusives always put SP upfront which I enjoy

MysticStrummer1711d ago

I couldn't care less about no multiplayer. Too many games have it tacked on.

Eonjay1711d ago

We don't even know what the game is about and people are complaining that it doesn't have multiplayer. There are a group of people who believe that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the original video game and that all games are to be variation of this title.

Vegamyster1711d ago

We haven't seen any gameplay yet, can't really say if i'd care for it or not.

fenome1711d ago

I'm antisocial, and I could give a rats ass about online multiplayer. I love split-screen though, so me and my girl can play, that might've been cool.

We haven't even seen the damn game in action yet though, the 18-19th, whatever it is, needs to hurry up already. I'm stoked to see more on this, it looks phenomenal!

solar1711d ago

i agree mate. not every game needs MP. i really hate the shift from SP to every game needs MP. the industry is shifting that way...but imo the SP game can hold its' own still in this market.

Outside_ofthe_Box1711d ago

It's all about whether the developers wants it in or not. If a dev adds multiplayer to a game just because "it's the thing to do nowadays" or because they're forced to do it, the MP will be bad anyway and people would be complaining about that instead.

kreate1711d ago

Its like when they added MP to bioshock 2...

Horrible idea.

Ppl complained that MP shouldn't of been added.

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lifeisgamesok1711d ago

I can't fathom the thought of why people wouldn't want added replay value through multiplayer

Wait yes i can, this is a PS4 title so people just say "It doesn't need it"

If you can't see this game being better with co-op you're probably being bias

Eonjay1711d ago

You make it sound like no PlayStation exclusives have multiplayer. When did multiplayer become the only thing that mattered in every game?

MysticStrummer1711d ago

Yeah it couldn't be that someone just doesn't care about multiplayer, especially when most people last gen didn't take their consoles online and most games didn't have local co-op. You're really onto something there, or maybe just on something.

karl1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

maybe they thought co op would take from the experience...

its pretty easy to get out of character while playing a game with a friend..

can u imagine playing the last of us and ellie being your best pal talking to u?

dude dude dude....

i cant take a game seriously like that, haha im sorry.

Baka-akaB1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )


You're the kind of people , aka nasty fanboy , making it about a particular console instead of caring about gaming as a whole .

There has been droves of people complaining when their franchises turned up with MP for no real reasons whatever the platform involved ... and almost all of those tacked mp ressources failed to impress and retain people .. Only a few exceptions .

Or are you going to pretend you shed a tears when Bioshock Infinite became SP only ?

Master-H1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

I could say the same for the absence of single player in Titanfall but you definitely wouldn't agree, considering your fanboy logic.

OT: game definitely doesn't need it, i never even touch the mp in Uncharted games, having mp just for the sake of having mp would ruin a part of the charm of the game imo.

fenome1711d ago

I don't like people, and that has nothing to do with the PS4. I like split-screen so I can play with people sitting next to me, but honestly I don't care about online multiplayer.

It's cool when you can just speak for yourself and not just think you're right because you try to lump a bunch of people into it all at once. This fanboy stereotyping crap is annoying. Why don't you just speak how you feel?

At least if you're gonna "quote" somebody, try actually quoting somebody. "It doesn't need it" was a quote you just made up because it's on PS4. It's called trolling and that's why you have one bubble..

DigitalRaptor1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Oh right, you mean to say that this is something that is unique to PS4 fans this generation? It's obvious who the people are who care about the utmost quality of a game and what its creators want from it, rather than frothing at the mouth because a game doesn't offer them the value they personally want.

I care about the quality of a game over how much playtime I expect to receive, because after all, memories are shaped from the experience, not the amount of time I spend playing something. And it's not like a great number of PS4 games actually have or will have multiplayer and co-op, is it?

You're trying far too hard to try to and attach unfounded negativity to a certain fanbase.

I wonder if you are going to complain about Quantum Break not having multiplayer, and more added value. Well, of course you're not, cause that's on your console of choice and on your much anticipated list.

Destrania1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

I don't play games for MP over SP EVER, but when Playstation exclusives do have MP, it's always unique, creative, and addictive in ADDITION to outstanding and memorable SP experiences imo. I.e. TLoU, GoW:Ascension, Uncharted, Motorstorm, etc. Do I think The Order could benefit from having a great MP component? Yes. Is it necessary or warrented however? No. I play games for SP first and foremost. The Witcher 3 among many other games coming out is another example of this. Who knows what RaD will do for future projects, but for now, I'm unbeleivably excited for The Order.

solar1711d ago

Bioshock Infinite was a fantastic game, my GOTY last year and it didnt have MP. replay value is an overrated virtue. MP imo is another way to make you pay more for a game you have already purchased through MP and segregating the player base.

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1711d ago
dcj05241711d ago

I didn't care about the MP either. I was sad that there was no Co-op. Looks perfect for it.

wastedcells1711d ago

WTF is going on. There are single player games and multiplayer. Some that do both. But let's be honest..... Most people don't even play the single player in big multiplayer games and same with playing multiplayer in great single player games. I like that this game has no multiplayer. I love great single player games and can't wait for infamous and the order. It's the only time I'm really lost in a game. I love it. But I play online games a lot. Like them too but they don't provide that same feeling. Anyway point is who gives a [email protected]&? If it has no multiplayer. Well that's my two cents.

hollabox1711d ago

Not a big deal, I play my PS4 for SP games anyway, anywho this games so far looks pretty damn good. Besides Watch Dogs and Metal Gear, this is my most anticipated game this year.

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Majin-vegeta1712d ago

I wonder how all these whiners who cry about games having no MP.Would survive pre PS2 era??

Denton561712d ago

Isn't it a good thing, though, that games have evolved to the point that many of them are now able to include an entertaining multiplayer experience that adds value to a game?

I don't necessarily think that "13 years ago people wouldn't have minded" is the best mentality to have when looking for games to continuously grow and evolve.

fenome1711d ago

The evolution of gaming is definitely awesome right now, I won't argue with that. If they wanna include multiplayer I want it to be because they wanted it though, not because people were bitching and complaining that it didn't have it. I'd rather them dump all their time and resources into the game they want to make, be that single player, multiplayer, or both.

What happened to just playing and enjoying an experience these people created for you? Everybody's so damn critical now..

ziggurcat1711d ago

the problem with that statement is that MP is generally not really that entertaining.

playing an immersive story campaign is a lot more interesting than repeating the exact same game mode every 20 minutes - and it's all the same, repetitive nonsense regardless of the game you're playing.

kabala1711d ago

I guess some were xbox players. Just saying.

annus1711d ago

Times change. Sometimes you don't realise what you want until it is staring you right in the face. People were happy with PS1 graphics, but if you think they saw PS4 graphics they would want the PS1 instead?

And the 'good, devs can focus on single player' argument others are stating is stupid. Last of Us has some basic multiplayer, and look at how the single player for that went. You CAN satisfy both crowds.

I also wonder how the gamers would survive the pre-electricity era.

christheredhead1712d ago

More games need to ditch multiplayer. Props to the dev team for sticking with single player and improving upon that idea.

swishersweets200311712d ago

I agree. Some games could benefit better for just sticking to single player. Having a tact on multiplayer that is just sub par just to have "replay value" doesn't spark my interest. I rather have a long epic 40-to more hour single player game then have a 3 hour single player with a tact on multiplayer.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1711d ago

Agreed %100. I love the atmosphere of this game based on the screenshots alone. I hope the gameplay looks as good as the atmosphere feels.

My hype level for this game is through the roof!!

Kayant1712d ago

Competitive MP... Nah it shouldn't be missed or should you be disappointed IMO. Co-op however, sure I could see why people will be disappointed because with the four characters it would seem perfect for some Co-op.

iceman061711d ago

I can get behind this. I watched the trailer and thought...hmmm...possibly some co-op play. However, I'm not disappointed that it doesn't have it.

scott1821712d ago

If it becomes a great ip I could see them adding it in, like Uncharted. Uncharted 2/3 had some of my favorite Multiplayer and I would never have guessed Uncharted 2 would even have it.