PlayMagazine - Destiny Preview

PlayMagazine writes: "Following a hugely successful series with a brand new IP is tough to do at the best of times, but when that series was Halo, and it’s the only thing you’d actually worked on since 2001, the pressure is ramped up ten-fold. Bungie finds itself in that rather unique situation right now ahead of the launch of Destiny later this year, having separated from Microsoft to focus on multiplatform development as part of a ten-year deal with publisher Activision."

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S2Killinit1809d ago

Destiny will be the true successor to hallo.

GarrusVakarian1809d ago

Hallo was awesome, but i preferred Halo.

S2Killinit1809d ago

lol I got some german in me

GarrusVakarian1809d ago

"lol I got some german in me"

Better call your doctor ;)

S2Killinit1809d ago

I really liking the Sci-Fi+Fantasy vibe of this game.

redwin1808d ago

I might pass on this one, there are so many other games from ubisoft that seem more appealing to me.