PS Plus subscriptions could be less than 10 million. Yay math

GameZone: PlayStation Plus is undoubtedly one of the greater services offered by a gaming company. Free games, tons of discounts, and exclusive invites into betas and demos are just a few perks of signing up for Sony's service which is totally optional for PlayStation owners (though now required to play games online with the PS4). But how many people are actually paying for it?

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NewMonday1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Sony said half of PS4 owners have plus that's about 2m

they also said plus subscriptions have tripled since the PS4, meaning the PS3/PSVita have about 1m subs

so the estimate could be 3 million for now.

lifesanrpg1712d ago

Yup, that's assuming only half of the 4.2 million are subscribers. They said "more than half"

guitarded771712d ago

What I want to know is who the hell has the money for a PS4, but not the money for PS+. It's the best bang for the buck in gaming.

cluckey071712d ago

Ok at this point there is more like 6 million PS4's sold. If not more. 4.2 million was the number for 2013. Upwards of five million is more likely for subs.

RyuCloudStrife1712d ago

yup 4.2 mil. in the first 6 weeks after launch said the report, meaning up to Dec. 27.

It's been ANOTHER 6 weeks since!

FamilyGuy1712d ago

I was literally about to type the exact same thing.

fonger081712d ago

Yeah I don't why you have a PS3 or PS4 and not have a PS+ subscription. I mean you could literally just have the system and subscription and be covered for games all year round. Then again, I don't why/how people have Xbox's without Live, because without you can't do a damn thing with the system other than player single player games, No Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, or MP...

LOGICWINS1712d ago

Not everyone who has a PS4 cares about online gaming/indie games that get boring in a few hours.

PS Plus is a great deal, I just wouldn't use it enough to warrant a purchase. PS Now, on the other hand, is right up my alley.

FanOfRootBeer1712d ago

I'll admit that many of the indie titles available through PS+ are quite short, but when you look at games like Spelunky and Don't Starve, there's plenty of play time to be logged.

fonger081712d ago

Yeah the PS4 PS+ is a little light right now, I guess thinking future terms. I mean since about 2011 with the PS3 and PS+ I was having to clear HDD space every Tuesday night just to make room for the influx of games, it was great! I need to see PS Now, I'm a skeptic when comes to cloud gaming, I was former OnLive subscriber and that rarely worked to up to expectations

SageShinigami1712d ago

PS3 actually frequently offers AAA games, but yeah if all you have is a PS4..they aren't offering you anything other than indies, so if you're not into those, it's a waste of money.

JEECE1712d ago

If you aren't into online play or indie games, what are you even playing on PS4? I'm not trolling you, but it just seems weird since there aren't that many big single player games out yet (If Infamous SS or some JRPGs or something were out, I'd understand).

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OmegaShen1712d ago

Outlast is a pretty good reason to get Plus, but I kept my PS3. So I get to play the free games for it to.

zippycup1712d ago

love ps+ had it lapse a few days till i got payed today cant wait to download metro when i get home

LeCreuset1712d ago

Just goes to show how good PS+ is. I forgot I have Metro, because I'm so wrapped up in Outlast. Both of those games came in the same week.

fenome1711d ago

Good call man, I forgot I have Metro all ready to go too. Lol

Been wrapped up in Outlast and finally just got Killzone SF, forgot I even had Metro, it's funny too 'cause I was really wanting to try Metro

MatrixxGT1711d ago

Mine lapsed a few days ago and didn't realise it till half my games didn't work. Its definitely a service that once you have it you really don't get a sense of how great it is till its gone. I'm all up to date now, but its also a reminder that all those awesome games you have can be taken away when you fail to pay ;)

MrBeatdown1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Horrible logic.

A huge chunk of PS4 owners were likely already Plus subscribers. So you can't say with any certainty that that is where that 90% increase comes from.

On top of that, that 90% increase did not necessarily come from PS4 buyers. They said subscriptions increased 90% SINCE the PS4 launch, not necessarily BECAUSE of the PS4 launch. "Since the PS4 launch" is a timeframe, not a reason. Sure, PS4 is definitely one reason, but not necessarily the only reason for an increase. On Black Friday, there were a lot of sales on Plus. I bought a 12-month card for $30 from Amazon. That was undoubtedly a big sales driver. On top of that, Plus is better than it's ever been with some of the best games to ever hit Plus coming in the past few months. Between sales, the increase and game quality, and the idea that any future PS4 buyers will need Plus anyway, I'm sure a ton of people signed up without actually getting a PS4.

socks1712d ago

"A huge chunk of PS4 owners were likely already Plus subscribers"

Talk about horrible logic. How about you define "huge chunk" and give us any kind of evidence. My evidence is that 4 friends of mine had PS3s w/o Plus and now pay for a sub.

Every single thing you write was entirely made up without any basis in reasoning.

StockpileTom1712d ago

Yet can you completely discount the possibility with only a 4 person sample? On my friends list 20% had PS+ before PS4 launch. It reached 80% after launch. Even that though isn't enough of a sample size to truly gauge it as my list has more of the hardcore demographic with Souls/SOCOM players all over it.

MrBeatdown1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

You can't possibly be serious.

It IS a huge chunk. As in, huge enough to make any speculation about accurate numbers meaningless. The actual numbers are practically irrelevant, because even a relatively small amount can have a dramatic result on the outcome. When it comes to accuracy, even a small amount is in fact a huge chunk. Just like a bird crap on your pizza is huge enough to ruin the whole thing. You don't need a paint can full.

Even if only one in ten PS4 buyers had Plus, that accounts for 20% of all Plus subscribers on PS4.

That means instead of 2,100,000 PS4 owners signing up for Plus (50%), it's only 1,680,000 (40%).

If you ignore those buying Plus for their PS3 last year, and treat it like those PS4 sign-ups are the entirety of new subscribers (that 90% increase) then that means a 90% increase is 1,680,000 new subscribers, not 2,100,000.

That means the total is 3,550,000 Plus subscribers, not the 4,450,000 the article came up with.

That's a 900,000 subscriber difference, all because of the assumption that no PS4 buyers had Plus instead of one in ten. It just goes to show how useless the math is without any hard numbers.

Logic and math. It's a wonderful thing. Sure beats your four man survey.

Hicken1712d ago

You know people don't know what logic is.

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