Battlefield 4 Second Assault PC release date revealed on Origin

Origin has revealed the release date for Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC.

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demonicale6661715d ago

Nobody cares, you released a bugged and incomplete game. I've lost ALL confidence in the Battlefield brand.

Phoenix761715d ago

Apparently people do care. Yes it has been buggy as hell. And although you may have lost confidence with the brand, I myself, came over from COD and absolutely love this game and cant wait for next map pack.

whitefang19881715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I think that's his point. You came from a non tactical run and gun and now love battlefield. But you didn't before? I think a lot of people feel bf is been diluted to compete with cod and draw more people to the game. Its still a fairly good game but their next version will tell all. If its becoming annual and not much change then I think sadly they will loose the audience they first created it for. Replaced with angry children running and gunning for the best k/d ratio
Also they rushed it to shelf's. And that's EA not dice

SaturdayNightBeaver1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

and you accept its buggy and unplayable and still supporting them and getting excited for their dlc instead of patch? wow

cyclindk1715d ago

He exaggerated a bit, but he's talking about me, the scrupulous consumer, and I am in boycott mode myself.

No DLC or further DICE games will, by me, be purchased until they prove themselves, no more preorder and pray, back to the old days of watching reviews and gameplay for a month post-launch before buying.

cyclindk1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Hear, hear

TheUberAsian1715d ago

Anyone know when it's gonna come out on Ps4?

Mikey941715d ago

It would all be the same date.

Detoxx1715d ago

Premium PS3/4 and PC members will get it on the same date.

supraking9511715d ago

i have a ps4 but i wanted to know if Xbone/360 get it earlier? i forgot what was said at EA's E3 presentation last year about there deal with MS.

Mikey941715d ago

had this map pack since Nov. Games boring Now time to move on to Titanfall.

Allsystemgamer1715d ago

Then go play cod


I'm getting it for PC.

matt1391715d ago

Been playing this on x1, its so sickkkk. The graphics are quality so i can imagine that on PC it will look absolutely fantastic!

matt1391715d ago

Dislikes for that, really? Have some sense of maturity you disgruntled sony lovers.

Detoxx1715d ago

I can't believe he got 5 dislikes for that comment. (I game on PS4)

jimjam34421715d ago

i have a ps4 and am happy for you, i have a 720 p TV anyways so were basically getting the same experience.
i wish we gamers could come together and just appreciate the fact that us gamers (on both ps4 and xbox one) have made this the most successful generation of gaming yet.

Lilrizky1715d ago

I've been accused for trolling on this topic before lol but this is the honest truth.

I haven't played BF4 for a month now due to playing other games that I wanted to catch up on before the big rush in March, but my experience on PS4 was pretty smooth. I had a couple hiccups in the first few weeks of release but by December I didn't receive any issues playing the MP. Actually I had a blast playing it.

Harmonizer1714d ago

Same for me on PC. Launch was absolutely horrible, but The game has been amazing and pretty much crash-free since mid November. Those complaining now a days are just trolls.

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