Don’t Starve – 10 Survival Tips

Don’t Starve is a rather complex and enjoyable experience, for the sort of people who like a challenge. I for one find it demanding to survive past a certain point, but that does not mean you cannot eventually complete the game and “Win”. In order to improve the chances of your survival in Don’t Starve I collected these 10 Tips. While useful they will not be “Game Breakers”, so there will be no special spoilers, only useful things to take into account as you are playing. Let’s jump right to ‘em!

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minimur121712d ago

Another tip, if you feed a pigman some monster meat he becomes your friend and follows you around, and will fight for you. Also if you ffeed him mushrooms he'll poo

il-JumperMT1711d ago

Awesome portable shit for my farms!

lonelyplayer1712d ago

It's much better to make the camp near the beefalos. They provide defense against the monster also manure to fertilize the plants and meat.

Kryptonite42O1711d ago

Thats what I do every time. ^^
works like a charm

also another tip. for food during the winter, you can store rabbits in chests before you kill them to prevent spoiling. you can't stack them, so only 9 to a chest. But it helps.

Also crock pots for winter can be a lifesaver.

lonelyplayer1707d ago

Great tip!

Another tip is to get a spider's egg and plant it in the pigs village so they keep killing spiders and you can easily farm silk and spider glands.