Ubisoft still listing Watch Dogs for release on Wii U

The document lists the game's Wii U version alongside its PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions for launch in "spring 2014" - albeit in the next financial year, meaning April at the earliest.

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mewhy321717d ago

Not sure that makes sense. I mean the Wii U is dead in the water. Why would you put resources into a console that isn't moving units? Maybe they will put minimum effort into the release and hope that the base that is already established will buy it? Not sure what's happening there.

NYC_Gamer1717d ago

It makes no sense to scrap a game that is most likely already up and running on Wii U hardware

afterMoth1717d ago

I look forward to see how the Wii U and Xbox One versions compare.

gedden71717d ago

Ask EA they did it... Crysis 3 was up and running GREATLY on Wii U... EA pulled the plug, not to say Ubisoft should that as well but we all know EA is a$$holes...

Just about a Day one purchase for me. Watchdogs looks pretty good!!!

iplay1up21717d ago

I am more than likely picking this up for Wii U. The gamepad hacking is supposed to be really cool, and I have PS4 too, but if the gameplay is better on Wii U, well that is what I will buy it for.

Neonridr1717d ago

totally agree with you. I have a PS4 as well. Obviously the PS4 version would be the most complete in terms of online capabilities and graphic fidelity, however the Wii U gamepad has some awesome capabilities that hopefully Ubisoft is taking advantage of.

I wonder if they would offer the same interaction if someone used a Vita in conjunction with their PS4. I realize not every PS4 owner has a Vita, so I don't know if they would bother trying to utilize features so that only a portion of people could use it.

ape0071717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

unfortunately the wiiu version looks to be an enhanced currentgen version, if the wiiu was strong enough, then watch dogs wiiu will be the definitive version but it's not

i expect the ps3/360/wiiu versions to be a completely different downgraded build, just like GRAW on ps2/xbox original or splinter cell double agent on ps2/xbox original, because there's no way ps3 and 360 are gonna handle watch dogs nextgen fidelity/geometry, it's build from the ground up on nextgen systems/pc

PhantomT14121717d ago

You should take into account that the PS4 version (as well as PC and Xbox One) will have a better and denser crowd simulation than old-gen and WiiU versions.

But tablet features sound cool too, I just ordered Splinter Cell Blacklist for the WiiU, can't wait to play it!

gedden71717d ago

YES someone else understands the potential of the gamepad!!! I hate when people compare the gamepad to the Kinect. the Kinect has yet to make a game better with its functionality. The gamepad made Batman AC better and I here Dues Ex is amazing with the pad. I'm really looking forward to the gameplay ideas Ubi will do with Watch Dogs.

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eyeofcore1717d ago Show
cyguration1717d ago


Yeah that was BS. Wasn't it a few weeks before the game went gold across the platforms? That was the BIGGEST waste of money ever, just so they could get back at Nintendo over the Origin thing?

Man, EA does some real BS.

Chrischi19881717d ago

Dude, seriously... I know you only got 1 bubble and cannot lose even more, but you really are begging for only 1...

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LaserEyeKitty1717d ago

Don't feed the trolls guys - just one glance at his bubble count should tell you what this guy's all about.

iplay1up21717d ago

Ugh, How many articles in a week do we need that tells us what Ubi said days ago. Watchdogs WILL come to Wii U.

Chrischi19881717d ago

But UBI did not say that days ago. You should read the updated news. They updated it and now it says "Gamestop confirmed to Polygon" instead of Ubisoft... The news around Wii U version of Watchdogs are so full of mistakes, that it cannot e a coincidence anymore... Unbelieveable how important gamers think they are, that they do such stuff, because of games...

I am all for it coming to Wii U, I will buy it there, if it comes.

iplay1up21717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Well, if it is not coming to Wii U, it is kind of stupid that there is still a link to order it for Wii U on UBI's OFFICIAL SITE.

I went all the way through the Pre-order and it is up and running. Again from Ubisofts OFFICIAL SITE.

I knew this days ago.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31717d ago

This isn't news it's olds...

manaxknight11717d ago

im getting the wii u version and excited to play it on the wii u! the gamepad will add another depth of gameplay i hope!

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