Nintendo Scheduling Wii U & 3DS Maintenance This Monday

Nintendo have announced some maintenance for both Wii U and 3DS will be taking place this coming Monday. It is yet to be confirmed exactly what this maintenance is for, but they have confirmed it will affect both Wii U & 3DS’s online play and leader boards for a period of two hours.

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leemass241714d ago

hmm possible direct incoming

brewin1714d ago

I hope the hell so! I want to see some new stuff announced and be updated on their many goodies coming this year. They hopefully have a ton of announcements coming really soon... like a big price drop, an amassador Wii U program, and maybe even some brief looks at new and unnanounced titles. The sonic boom reveal was pretty good, hopefully there are more similar announcements incoming in the next few days.

deafdani1714d ago

I really don't understand how you (and the article's author, for that matter) come to that conclusion. How is a network maintenance a possible indicative of a upcoming Nintendo Direct?


Geobros1714d ago

Very interesting....I can't wait!!

AWBrawler1714d ago

Price drop is out of the question

blastergun1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

wii u dont price drop just more game..
wii u just need a pokemon skylander type of game to be number most wanted console for this generation. every kid will ask their parent to get wii u just for pokemon
more install base would mean more third parties developer will start to develop more games for wii u.