The Making Of: Silent Hill Shattered Memories

Faceless zombies. Nightmarish chases. Nerve-jangling bursts of static. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories made no bones about wanting to terrify you. But the most shocking thing about it wasn’t its monsters.

It was the choice of lead platform. Released in December 2009 on Nintendo Wii, Shattered Memories was a bold – some might say foolhardy – attempt to take Silent Hill to a brand-new demographic: casual players.

“We thought, this is a chance for us to engage with what is potentially quite a large audience,” remembers Sam Barlow, lead designer at Climax Studios. “The pitch from us was always, ‘How many people own a Wii? How many of those people have enjoyed watching a horror movie or psychological thriller?’ We thought there were quite a lot of people we could sell this game to.”

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