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GameZone: "When I first saw The Elder Scrolls Online at E3 2012, I wasn't sure what to think. The game was strictly third-person, the characters looked caricatured, and the combat looked like it was cloned from WoW. Needless to say, it didn't look very Elder Scrolls-ish. It had elements of exploration that I felt optimistic about, but in the end, I just didn't understand what made this game an Elder Scrolls title. What separated this MMO from dozens of others who have been doing the same thing for years?"

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Spenok1717d ago

This is how I got my beta.

il doesn't give any specifics as to the link. But ALL you need to do is make (or log into) your curse account and click on the link on the home page and get a beta key to play the game over the weekend. Very simple. And so far I am really enjoying the game. Definitely worth checking out.

BluP1717d ago

My friend loves Skyrim. Got a beta key a while ago for ESO, hated it. Everyone else seems to hate it. But "journalists" and "reviewers" seem to like it. I don't think it looks very impressive at all either. And then there's the monthly fee.

I'm starting to automatically believe the opposite of whatever (big) journalists and reviewers say.

Lucreto1717d ago

I played it and it ls lie skyrim and I don't see where the hate is coming from.

Mainsqueeze1717d ago

been in the beta for about a year and i can safely say that, other than the races, and being an rpg, the game is nothing like Skyrim.

MysticStrummer1717d ago

All I've done is watch gameplay videos. I'd buy the game if it weren't for the monthly fee.

OsirisBlack1717d ago

@mainsqueeze completely agree the game is nothing at all like skyrim and is pretty generic even by MMO standards.

TheEnigma3131717d ago

I think people have a problem with paying $60 on top of another $15 per month.

MonChiChi1717d ago

The $15 is throwing me off. I know I sound cheap but having multiple pay accounts for various things at $15 a month or more stacks up. Even though it would just be $5 a $10 account would probably be doable for me.

Now if I didn't play other MMO's that I pay for, I would def be getting this.

TheEnigma3131717d ago

You don't sound cheap, I agree. I can't put in enough time to justify paying that much.

Nerdmaster1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

I love Skyrim (played it for almost 200 hours), but I would only play this game if it had an offline mode.

And does this game have a level/skill system like Skyrim, or is it more like Morrowind and Oblivion? Level systems of previous Elder Scrolls games were absolute garbage.

MysticStrummer1717d ago

"Level systems of previous Elder Scrolls games were absolute garbage."

I wish we could get some gamers to stop with all the hyperbole. It doesn't add anything to the discussion.

NiteX1717d ago

The leveling is not really like Skyrim, it's much less customization. You have classes with skills, weapons, and Armor. You choose which type you want in the 3 and just level them. It's a bit more bare bones.

Frodosmugins1717d ago

Here we go again another crowd of gamers new to the mmorpg genre!

a 1 player game goes mmorpg and u want a ofline mode!?

I have been playing mmorpgs for a long time and there are clear advantages in paying monthly fees!

you get constant updates to the game new content for free until expantions...
you get great customer service and if there are glitches/problems they are on it straight away...

I cant even play farcry3 while my ps3 is connected to the net for past 2 months cos my Ps3 fails to connect to Ubisoft servers.. where is the customer service in that?

you just cant compare a ofline game to a mmorpg

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