Rune Factory Team Revealing New 3DS Game Next Week

Marvelous AQL, the publisher behind Rune Factory has revealed that the team who has worked on this popular series has a new 3DS game in the works.

They have released a teaser site with a countdown set to expire in roughly four days time, which will reveal first details about this new project.

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RiPPn1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

hrmm I could have swore that I read the entire Rune Factory team was laid off last November. Anyway this is great news as I love the series!!

Edit: Sure enough, so this is fantastic news.

xfear2diex1811d ago

what this the first time i hear that
i hope the reassemble again because rf4 was a very good game even if the story is a little boring

3-4-51811d ago

Hopefully an RPG of some kind. More games = good

xfear2diex1811d ago

i loved rune factory 4 it remind me of summon night swordcraft story too much and i loved the other one so much