Helldivers Dev On PS4 CPU Clock Speed:'We’ve Never Encountered A Ceiling' or Any Performance Issues

"The PlayStation 4 may be a wondrous next gen console and perhaps the only one capable of 60 FPS/1080p resolution at the moment, but there are still some things we don't know about it."

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rarity1712d ago

thats good i wish them the best of luck.

Angels37851712d ago

Why can't they tell us the official speed! !!!!

sigfredod1712d ago

I thinking that the speed is not "fix" i bet that the developers can raise or lower the speed also use more or less cores according to what the developer wants, some of the cerny gravy

Volkama1712d ago

It definitely has a maximum...

I'm sure they have the ability to dial down some cores in order to accelerate others (as all modern processors do), but it would be pretty easy to give as a base clock and boosted clock speed if they wanted to.

It's also be easy to give us a "maximum" speed to deceive the stupids, but for some reason they want to keep it guarded.

mewhy321712d ago

I sure that it's got a max speed but it appears that the devs can ramp it up or down. Just another example of the advanced knowledge that Sony has over the competition in hardware design.

Volkama1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

@MeWhy you can do that on pretty much all AMD and Intel processors. But yes, all hail Sony.


I know right! The Xbox One is 1.75ghz on the same CPU as the PS4, so is the X1's CPU faster? The GPU in the PS4 has a much higher shader core count than X1's but it only runs 800mhz compared to the Xbox One clock speed of 853mhz, so the Xbox One's GPU is not as powerful but faster than PS4's (We know that), But we still can't compare the CPU's? TELL US WHAT THE F%#kIN CLOCK SPEED IS!


IMT558 Thanks! Why the downvotes though? Because I said the X1's GPU is faster? lol it's fact, just know that the GPU is more powerful and that's what matters, god I hate fanboys!

BG115791712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

@GUTZnPAPERCUTZ,when someone answer to you, you should try reading posts and links before posting a comment.

PS4's GPU is faster...

minimur121711d ago

The thing is, with Indies proclaiming how powerful the ps4 is, Their games are hardly demanding to the system, so they obviously aren't going to encounter a ceiling with their art style and the amount theyll have on screen etc, but if Red Barrel (outlast) said this, I'd be impressed. I'm sure you guys know what I mean lol

Withdreday1711d ago

@ minimur12

But didn't the Outlast Devs say something similar though?

Tzuno1711d ago

because they are afraid of the PC.

-SIXAXIS-1711d ago

@Volkama: They wanna keep it guarded because if they release the speed, everyone will start comparing it to the XBone and PCs, when in reality there are a lot more factors to how fast a computer is other than the clock speed.

violents1711d ago

Straight from this article, learn to read before you complain.
"When asked to confirm the 1.6 GHz clock speed of the PS4′s CPU (which can be scaled up to 2.75 GHz according to several reports),

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4logpc1712d ago

The PlayStation 4 may be a wondrous next gen console and perhaps the only one capable of 60 FPS/1080p resolution at the moment...


If that doesn't scream biased, IDK what does.

xHeavYx1712d ago

I don't know why you consider that as a biased comment, it's called FACTS. You could at least provide FACTS proving the statement wrong

4logpc1712d ago

Forza 5= 1080p 60 frames
Fifa 14 = 1080p 60 frames
NBA 2k14 = 1080p 60 frames.

SebbyGVS1712d ago

Forza 5: Heavily reduced graphically from E3 build.
NBA and Fifa? They're both cross gen titles than aren't exactly graphically intense. So yes the statement isn't exactly correct. It would be more correct to say that PS4 is far more CONSISTENT at maintaining 1080/60.

xHeavYx1712d ago

Not only did Forza get the graphics reduced, but also there is no day/night cycle, no weather, pre-baked lighting, cardboard crowd, the least amount of cars and tracks in the franchise....

Angels37851712d ago


That's soooo many!! I can count those in one hand!! and the rest arent even 1080p!! Spectacular!!

imt5581712d ago

@4logpc :

"Forza 5= 1080p 60 frames
Fifa 14 = 1080p 60 frames
NBA 2k14 = 1080p 60 frames."

Forza 5
Huge downgrades to achieve 1080p/60fps.

Worse AA than PS4 version.


I don't know...

solar1712d ago

Both consoles suffer from the same limitations. Whiney graphics and less features or all the features and less shiny graphics. Both consoles are one in the same

UnHoly_One1711d ago

You guys are out of your freakin minds.

Seriously, WTF is wrong with all of you??

Forza just "doesn't count", because you guys all decided it's not graphical intensive enough? Sports games also don't count, either?

This article is about a crappy top-down indie game that is also on the Vita, and it's ok to brag about it being 1080p/60?

Seriously guys. You are taking the fanboyism crap on this website to a whole new level.

StrangerX1711d ago

Now that were on this subject and all sony fanboys are saying that forza dont count or fifa nor nba 2k being 1080/60 then my question is.
What PS4 game can any of you truly show me that its graphic intensive and (obviously indie games don't count) and COD ghost its not graphic intensive, just development time was the key reason, that run's at 1080p and STEADY 60 fps to prove your point? If any could be kind enough to reply!!! If not then shut up and enjoy your games! Because I am! 😊

cozomel1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


Fifa 14 = 1080p 60 frames
NBA 2k14 = 1080p 60 frames
COD Ghost = 1080p 60 frames
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls = 1080p 60 frames
Dying Light = 1080p 60 frames
Flower = 1080p 60 frames
Killzone: Shadow Fall MP = 1080p 60 frames
Resogun = 1080p 60 frames
Tomb Raider: DE = 1080p 60 frames
Trine 2 = 1080p 60 frames
Contrast = 1080p 60 frames
Warframes = 1080p 60 frames
Blacklight = 1080p 60 frames

And im sure im forgetting a few but I can play the list game too

Fact is the PS4 is the more capable system, period! everything else is just fanboys spewing their FUD and not accepting reality

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DanDan71712d ago

So stating FACTS is "biased" now? Lol. Wow.

jackanderson19851712d ago

Except you know it's not stating facts... there's at least 3 games on the X1 at 1080p/60FPS so there goes your "fact"

UnwanteDreamz1712d ago

Here is a FACT

Racing games and sports games aren't known to set graphical benchmarks. The spinning and damage control in some of you guys amazes me.

cozomel1710d ago

Come on Jack

We all know the X1 can do 1080/60, heck the PS3 and 360 can do it, but not at the same graphical level as the PS4, the PS4 is a far more capable machine, so anything the X1 can do the PS4 can do better, hence why you see people say that the PS4 is far more capable of delivering the 1080p/60fps games. Why cant MS fanboys get that? Are you people that dumb? Come on, stop playing these phony games.

MysticStrummer1712d ago

Why would a developer be talking about how a console runs any other game but theirs? They wouldn't know about getting Forza, Fifa, or NBA 2k14 up and running. I read that comment and assume he's talking about their experience on PS4 with their game, and that he's not sure they could get it running as well on XB1. The existence of a power gap between the two consoles is already pretty well documented. Could he be biased? Sure, but it's not a foregone conclusion.


My two cents.

4logpc1712d ago

That line was written by Gamingbolt, not a quote from the developer.

MysticStrummer1712d ago

Ah ok. That's what I get for not reading the article. Well, biased journalism is a fact of life, and not just in gaming. It sucks, but it's what sells.

Oh_Yeah1712d ago

Forza FIFA and NBA are all small linear games. What do you people not get? Run a graphically impressive open world game at 1080p 60fps then claim power.

Withdreday1711d ago

@ 4logpc

Actually, it's more like your post screaming "butthurt".

Rimeskeem1711d ago

How is that biased if anyone with a decent mind knows its true

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darksky1712d ago

Helldivers doesn't look like it would stress an Xbox 360 so it's hardly groundbreaking news that its 1080p/60fps on the PS4. Wake me up when a dev like Naughty Dog says the same thing.

malokevi1712d ago

"and perhaps the only one capable of 60 FPS/1080p resolution at the moment"

lol. Oh boy.

WeAreLegion1712d ago

Can't wait for this game, but I'm sure even a 360 could run it at 1080p/60fps.

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