PS4 Exclusive Ready To Run Dev On PS4 Architecture/GDDR5 RAM, Resolution, Xbox One Version And More

Gamepur: "The wait is finally over guys, here is our full interview with Beatshapers, developer behind upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive game "Ready To Run". We recently got in touch with Alexey Menshikov, founder and CEO, Beatshapers to talk about their upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive game "Ready To Run".

We talked with Alexey on numerous topics related to "Ready To Run", such as from where the inspiration for Ready To Run came from, customization options that will be available for players, Xbox One version coming in future, resolution at which the game runs on Playstation 4 and many more things."

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Dlacy13g1807d ago

Yeah no kidding. "Revealing Interview with Ready to Run Developer" would have been perfectly fine since it seems this interviewer tried to cover a number of items.

Rockefellow1807d ago

The wait is over for what? A poorly-written interview that reiterates information we're all aware of? Oh, the anticipation....

I feel badly for Alexey. He's a wonderful guy, but I believe his native language bars him from determining which Western sites are worth his time.

Rearden1807d ago

That title gave me a headache.

Zealqueen1807d ago

such high level of discouragement?? I agree with Dlacy13g and also feel that this is a good piece of information for those who are interested in ready to run and were looking forward to its release.

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