Red Dead Redemption 2 - What We Want To See "Although Rockstar sketchily sort-of confirmed its existence back in the summer of 2012, Red Dead Redemption 2 - which is almost certainly what it won’t be called - remains a complete mystery."

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ShiftShock1716d ago

I'm hoping it will be called "Red Dead Revolution." Although it sounds similar to a popular dancing have in the second thought...

Ripsta7th1716d ago

Red Dead Revolver sounds alrightt

DasTier1716d ago

Can't tell... if serious...


b163o11715d ago

I think RDR2 should be set in the mid 20th century around the time of the Cold War, envolve spy's and espionage and drop the name RDR and go with something IDK like....Agent!

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DasTier1716d ago

RDR was arguably the greatest game of last generation.

I'd rather a new Red Dead sequel.

b163o11715d ago

LMAO, I can name a few that's better then RDR. Great game but it's not in my top5 of last gen.

Oh_Yeah1716d ago

Red Dead Disolver. Main character is a pyro with flame throwers and napalm.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1716d ago

Red Dead Redemption IS the 2nd game. If they made another one then it wouldn't be called Red Dead Redemption 2.

KonsoruMasuta1715d ago

Why does this have a PC tag? ;)

--bienio--1715d ago

Maybe this time it will be on Pc as well😃

Milruka1715d ago

I hope not, I'd rather not have bad games being ported.

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