Court favours Valve in not allowing digital content resells

Last September German consumer group Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband filed a complaint against Valve for its End-User License Agreement (EULA) disallowing the reselling of digital content. Earlier this week the German court ruled in favour of Valve.

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jhpadilla1717d ago

aaah.... death to the free market... Karl Marx would be proud!

Saryk1717d ago

I think that Steam or any digital game retailer should allow their clients to sell their copies back to the retailer. There are a ton of games that I have on steam that I will never play again. I would be nice to get rid of them for some credit toward other games!

Pandamobile1717d ago

The trade-in value would have to be pretty low to make that work.

Either way, why would Valve or anyone else buy back digital games? They can't resell them as used games when nothing was used to begin with.

Saryk1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

They can resell the game codes, take game code from me and transfer. I didn't mention reselling as used either, since it isnt used.

Pandamobile1716d ago

That still doesn't really work.

aliengmr1717d ago

In order to make up the huge losses that digital retailers would take, they would have to charge more for games.

Sure it sounds great to trade back our old games for new ones but its all a loss on the retailer side. You can't resell nothing.

TedCruzsTaint1717d ago

I am less worried about reselling my digital releases and more worried about them offering returns on games that, if nothing else, I ended up just not liking.

aliengmr1717d ago

When it comes to digital I'm fine with not being able to resell. When you buy digital games you get something for your money regardless of whether its tangible or not. Valve, or any other retailer would essentially be buying nothing. There has to be something tangible they can resell. Basically it would kill the digital market as retailers would literally be giving money away.