Is EA Sports' World Cup game just a shameless cash-in?

Couldn't they just have released this as a DLC instead of expecting customers to fork out full price?

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DualWielding1713d ago

they've released these every world cup since 1998

Bebedora1713d ago

It was harder to make DLC in '98. Now it is a different game.

It is about the money.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

they are putting the game out there. ppl buy it if they want

same thing can be said about Movie/olympic games its just to cash in

SniperControl1713d ago

They did a downloadable euro 2012 add on for FIFA 12, it only cost £15.

andrewsqual1713d ago

Exactly ferthepoet. Cor blimey "DLC IS EVIL, DLC IS EVIL" and now this article wants DLC instead of the thing they have been doing the last 16 years. Make up your mind.

GentlemenRUs1713d ago

What do you think?

Ofcourse it is!

Activemessiah1713d ago

EA in the same sentence as "Shameless cash-in"? Pretty much goes without saying.

TrueJerseyDevil1713d ago

Every 4 years they should only release the World Cup edition because it is better (more teams, etc...)

pompombrum1713d ago

I guess it depends.. the World cup 2010 game was brilliant and I more than got my value for money with that game. However at present we're in the transition in consoles and that has to spread the developer's resources thin especially with Fifa 15 out in just over seven months. It wouldn't surprise me if this world cup game didn't match the ridiculously high standard of the last one.

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