Watch the full Kazunori Yamauchi documentary here: Kaz: Pushing The Virtual Divide

Sony’s released a documentary about Polyphony’s famous boss and racing driver, Kazunori Yamauchi. Titled KAZ: Pushing The Virtual Divide, the hour-and-a-half docu explores the fifteen-year evolution of Gran Turismo, the GT Academy and more. Most importantly, you can watch it right here for free. Make a mug of tea and kick back.

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TruthInsider 1811d ago

Pretty good although it only scrapes the surface, should have been more in depth.

mayberry1811d ago

Wow! I will wait till my day off and watch this! I'm sure I know most of the info, but maybe there will be a jewel in it!

Me-Time1810d ago

It's just wonderful to watch. You probably might know all/most of the info in it, But yes, you will find some nice jewels in there. I was somewhat surprised by a fair bit of things that I learned from this.

As some other people have suggested or might think, I wish this had more info about GT and Kaz. You'll see what I mean. A great DOCUMENTARY nonetheless.

memots1811d ago

Reviewer and most people should see this before playing GT6

This is one of the thing that i really despite with reviewer. Most of them don't even play with a wheel. This game is a very good sim. Sure it lacks on some front ( sound and shadows ) but overall this is a very solid sim and it needs to be reviewed as a sim.

When i hear reviewer or people talking about it and say its boring ... well they simply don't get it.

The first time i drove in a Lemans car in this game without assist or hub display i was nervous and the trill is awesome. When i got Gold on that race and it gave me 1.3m in Credit i was ecstatic. This is what the trill of a good racesim can give you.

If you play with assist and a gamepad you'll hardly experience what this game can offer. You are better go play Most wanted and not use the break once since its what most people seem to be expecting out of a racing game.

sprinterboy1811d ago

All racers should be with the wheel even arcade ones imo, just ain't the same with a controller, had a wheel for racers for about 10 yrs and never looked bk.

I am not the richest person in the world so I bought about £20 worth of 2 by 2 wood cut them up into lenghs, nailed them together, went to a disabled centre and got a recoro seat from a disabled chap for free and got a second hand official logitech official GT wheel for £30. setup works great :)

Me-Time1810d ago

Arcade racing with a wheel just doesn't feel right. If I had the chance to play NFSU with a wheel, I wouldn't do it. The current NFS racers, MAYBE. I have good fun playing arcade racers with a controller about as much as I have fun playing sims with a steering wheel.