Reflections co-developing Tom Clancy's The Division

Ubisoft's newest Tom Clancy IP is not being solely developed in Sweden – UK studio Reflections is co-developing the title, Develop can reveal.

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medman1717d ago

Sadly, I see this game slipping to 2015. It's just so beautiful, and so ambitious, I really hope it makes holiday 2014.

staticdash221717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

I see it making 2014. No way it slips past imo due to Ubisoft last sales forecast result. Delaying watch dogs took a notable hit on their earnings for Q3 or Q4. So moving the division to 2015 ensures another drop because that'd mean they are relying on Assassins Creed to beak into expected territory. I see that as why Reflections was brought on, for full production which always lasts around 6-12 months before launch.

This game is in the most imporant stage of development, which means it's 7-9 months out IMO. I think it will launch in October or November this holiday.

Ultr1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

IMO the division was never announced for 2014?
And they already said it themselfs that this is no 2014 title.
Tell me if I got that wrong :/

staticdash221717d ago

@Ultr the game was originally announced for 2014

medman1717d ago

As I said, I hope it does make 2014. But not if that affects it's quality. If Ubisoft lets the Watch_Dogs situation effect this games development, we all lose. Better to get The Division right, that to get it rushed and disappoint everyone because it doesn't deliver on it's promise.

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ramiuk11717d ago

im worried they might never finish it.

i hope its like everquest/warcraft were they constantly add packs rather than a new game ,just adding onto the current world would make me happy.

1nsomniac1717d ago

I don't know where everybody is getting 2014 from? They even said themselves that they're planning for early (March) 2015