Hits and Misses: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

GoodGameBro writes, "Unfortunately, in 2014, the hugeness of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil will not be something that new console owners can experience on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; and unfortunately, no matter how good the game might end up being, players will always be forced to acknowledge that they should be playing the game on their new console—with new developments like instant streaming—instead of consoles released 8 or 9 years ago. Even worse, gamers who used their PS3 or Xbox 360 as barter currency to purchase a PS4 or Xbox One are left out in the cold altogether; no matter how good 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil may be, few will find it worth the cost of re-buying an outdated console to play.

With that issue addressed, we press on to “Hits and Misses” from the information revealed thus far."

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matt1391713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Absolutely ridiculous. Even if it's a terrible port, it still should have been released on next gen consoles.

pompombrum1713d ago

I think the fact that EA of all people won't be porting it should tell you just how terrible the port would actually be.

yezz1712d ago

They should at least add it as a 15$ dlc for next gen consoles.. The shirts, stadiums and stuff. EA is unbelievably lazy and sometimes I'm quite angry that I enjoy Fifa so much :):(

Disco Downey1713d ago

It shouldnt be released at all. Its a joke that this is getting a full release