The Last of Us: Left Behind is a two-hour triumph

You've likely waited over six months for a fresh hit of The Last of Us's story - so the last thing I'm going to do, with less than a week to go, is spoil for you what makes Left Behind, a prequel of sorts that explores some of Ellie's backstory, so special.

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GamerXD1717d ago

This DLC (somehow) justifies MGS 5's story length. Not because it is short doesn't mean it's gonna be bad. Heck, I haven't even played this but for sure this DLC will be as good as the game.

jimbobwahey1717d ago

This DLC is a lot cheaper to buy than Ground Zeroes though.

BiggCMan1717d ago

Ummm nope. Everyone is forgetting you can EASILY get MGS at 20 dollars. But let's just forget that and slam on it for being ONLY 40 dollars.

emad-E-three1717d ago

No need to be a fanboy here!
the 20$ you're talking about is for the PS3 and 360 Digitally not even physically let alone the PS4 copy!!
A little hint: i don't buy my games digitally! So yeah its 40$ ;)

re2_apocalypse1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Don't be a tool man; I'm not thrilled with the price for the next-gen physical copy which is $40. But you can get the PS3/360 version physical for $30. I'm sure you can afford the extra $10 dollars if you want a retail copy. Forget about that case of beer or 2 packs of cigs... (I agree that people are blowing it WAY out of proportion and thinking it's only $40)

edwoods1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )


First off, no one says tool anymore unless you came here in a time machine from 2008 or you live in some culturally delayed shit hole like pakistan. Second,the level of hostility showing through you just because the other guy has a point shows me you're the epitome of what makes a fanboy, even though I detest such usually meaningless names. And third, go pay your extra 10 dollars on top of 20. No one here gives a shit. While your at it, why not pay 40; It's only 10 more from 30. Hell, I'm sure Hideo could charge you 70 since 70 is only 30 away from 40, and whats a measily 30 extra bucks right?! Get a clue you moron. Your justification for paying 30-40 dollars on a half assed game that 2 hours long is patheic and grasping at straws. The fact of the matter is this: The game is short, stop being a greedy son of a bitch and charge me a decent price like no more than 15-20 across all damn versions of the game. Oh and hard as it is for the entire contrarion cummunity here at N4G to agree on ones perfect point like mine, which in turn would actually make you a better person, I still look forward to your desperate reply in trying to seek some kind of closure on the anger that I just brewed up in you head from such a sudden dose of reality kid!

Twilightx71716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )


" came here in a time machine from 2008..."
"...the level of hostility showing through you..."
"...perfect point like mine..."

Please tell me you're trolling right now.

edwoods1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

^That's your retort? Please tell me you're joking.

edwoods1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Disagree all you want to my posts. I'm not here to win popularity. Furthermore, it only stengthens the proof on which gamers, as a whole, are mostly sheep that will but into any corporate agenda.

Dir_en_grey1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Did they confirm the price in US already?

The PS4 disk version (same as the PS3 version) is listed under 3000 Yen on the Japanese Amazon store and the pre order price is a little under 2500 Yen. And it even comes with pre-order DLC.

And usually the list price in US is listed cheaper than Japanese games.

Just checked US Amazon for PS4 MGSVGZ. Wow I think this is the first time I see a Japanese game priced more expensively in US than Japan.

Twilightx71716d ago


First, I'm not re2_apocalypse, so no, it wasn't a "retort." Second, I never said I was buying into any corporate agenda, nor did I ever say I was OK paying $40 for MGS:GZ, nor did I say I was even buying ANYTHING - you just assumed that, since I called you out for being a hilariously angry child. Your general attitude in your (rather small) commenting history shows that you are just that - a troll that really needs no more attention than he's already getting. I don't care what you spend your money on, and I certainly don't need you telling me what I should be spending it on.

edwoods1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Good then that makes your last comment rather childish and pointless. Looks like you just needed to let off some steam you nerd.

If you aren't the idiot that made the justification about paying an extra 10 dollars, then why are you the new idiot responding for him as if you have a point?

edwoods1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )


nohopeinc1716d ago


The coporate agenda has me! How do I stop myself from buying things that I want to buy. I want them and I want to want them but you have opened my eyes to the agenda of the big baddy corporation. Please tell me oh wise one how I can not buy this game that I really want.

MysticStrummer1716d ago

Damn Ed, cut back on the caffeine or something.

kopicha1716d ago

but you also forget you need the actual game before you can even play the DLC

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NeoTribe1717d ago

Metal gear is a full game thats two hours long... last of us is dlc.... big difference. Not sure it justifies metal gear being 2 hourw long. Unless you like 40 dollar two hour long dlc.

BiggCMan1717d ago

YOU CAN GET IT FOR 20 DOLLARS, DOES NOBODY REALIZE THIS?!?! I swear to god people are so retarded. Metal Gear will be a 2 to 5 hour game, at 20 dollars MINIMUM.

I will agree that the 30 and 40 dollar versions are WAY too ridiculous, but at 20 dollars it is a fine price for the good amount of content we will get.

My god, people pay 60 dollars (or more for the collectors editions) of Call of Duty and all that crap. For a 5 hour story mode, and a rehashed multiplayer mode.

Sorry but nearly everyone hear is probably a hypocrite in one way or another.

HeavenlySnipes1717d ago

You can get it for $20 on current (last?) gen

That's the same price (well $5 more I think) as the Far Cry Blood Dragon content that is the same length

Its a prologue to the main game, not the main game. The main MGSV game isn't 2 hours long and isn't coming in March.

They could use the reactions people have with the prologue to change the main game; fan reaction to the AI, stealth etc

Highlife1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Not sure where you get that price.

Edit seems download versions are $10 cheaper. Even so that is too much.

So with the ps4 being so easy to develop for why does it cost more than ps3?

BiggCMan1717d ago

20 dollars digital version in the PSN and XBL stores, thank you.

inmusicutrust1717d ago

@high life

The prices on that site are for physical copies. Digital versions are ten bucks less so $20 for xbox360/ps3 and $30 for the next gen versions.

Highlife1717d ago

Still for the next gen owner $30 which you state is ridiculous. Thank you.

listenkids1717d ago

Ground Zeroes is a full game? So, I guess the Tanker mission in MGS2 was also.

webeblazing1717d ago

$20 for dlc that 2hrs is still alot.

BlackTar1871716d ago

Just want to jump in and Say @HeavenlySnipes Farcry Blood Dragon is awesome

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Vojkan1717d ago

yeah because 40$ vs 15$ is the same...on what planet do you live on?

inmusicutrust1717d ago

Its only twenty if you buy the last gen digital version.

Veneno1717d ago

And if you got the Last of us Season Pass for 20 it makes Left Behind an even better deal than Ground Zeroes because you get more content. The Metal Gear apologists just need to stop.

inmusicutrust1717d ago

7 disagrees for stating the fact that the last gen version is 20 bucks?!?! Sorry that you all disagree with a well known fact....

1nsomniac1716d ago

@inmusicutrust No one is disagreeing with that fact. Your disagrees are coming from the stupidity of repeating the same stupid comment that has been repeated over the previous 20 posts.

Everybody knows the digital last gen version is cheaper that in no way effects the fact that its not worth the asking price!

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Tedakin1717d ago

Ground Zeroes' length isn't the issue, it's the ridiculous $40 pricetag. If GZ was 10 bucks no one would be bitching.

listenkids1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

If this DLC was available in 4 different formats, for GZ pricing, no one would be bitching either.

$40 isn't justified, but thats PS4 physical, they run a business and people will pay that for the sake of next gen visuals. Whereas, people not raging with stupidity will likely purchase it on PS3 digitally for $20 or even wait.

hkgamer1716d ago

Heres how it was like before.

Ground Zero PS3 Digital: $20
Ground Zero PS3 Retail: $30
Ground Zero PS4 Digital: $30

Fans, wanted Physical copy. Kojima decided ok, physical copy means havng to print and that equals risk so add another 10 similar to PS3 physical.

Fans wanted physical Next gen, Fans get physical next gen. Now internet goes crazy.

ArchangelMike1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Hmmm, can I run through TLoU again before Valentines day.... heck why not...

Ground Zeroes is actually a prologue not a full game... bit still i get your point.

Fishy Fingers1717d ago

There's plenty of MGS threads for people to share their opinions in. Use one.

Anyway, a welcome excuse to fire up the PS3 again.

assdan1716d ago

They're releasing the first part of a $60 game, for 30/40, as if it's almost a full game. They'd talked about it like it was a lot shorter, but still a game. 30 for a two-6 hour game is a complete rip-off, and I hope konami realises how stupid it is to try and hustle people like that.

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DeletedAcc1717d ago

Going to be my best 2-hours gaming experience

IWasHere1717d ago Show
webeblazing1716d ago

i remember the days when devs use to sell expansion packs that was like another game added on it(expansion pack kids) it use to run $15-30. this is a complete ripoff. $20 for 2hrs. new age gamers love paying more for less or paying for something that should be free. kids these days.

Bobby Kotex1716d ago

Do you remember learning English?

Rickgrimes951717d ago

Same length as ground zeros just 25$ cheaper

theshredded1717d ago

u mean $5 cheaper,god people are so nuisance
Who the hell would pay $10 extra for retail version????and even if u consider next gen version it's 30 frikken dollars,people add $10 from their arse it seems.Face it mission DLCs are overpriced which is y i never supported that sh!t.Heck you could buy 2 old games that you have missed than mission DLCs

Bathyj1717d ago

Yeah well it's 48 current gen, 65 next gen in Australia. Left behind is about 16 I think. I know which one I'm getting.

TruthBTold1716d ago

Also, just the story mode is $10.00 and the season pass is $20.00, are they not? If you just want the two hour story it will be $10.

P_Bomb1716d ago

It's $14.99 for the DLC. I was disappointed on the somewhat expensive pricetag, but just preordered it anyways since i have a soft spot for quality story DLC. Plus I've got nothing better to do on valentines day, lol

Gamesgbkiller1717d ago

Only six days left..

Can't wait.

Eonjay1717d ago

They picked what has to be a very difficult story arc to do. Especially given we know the ending already. I suppose that makes it easier as the player. Also this will give us insight into Ellie. Great discussions await!