Diehard GameFAN: DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Review

DHGF: DanganRonpa is a very stylistic murder-mystery/action-adventur e game that plays a bit like Phoenix Wright, 999, and a dating simulator combined. There’s something for everybody, but the plot is extremely compelling by itself. There’s a lot of reading involved, so if you don’t like text-heavy games, this might not be for you; however, if you like the Phoenix Wright series and don’t mind a dark story, I can almost guarantee you’ll love this game. The length of the game isn’t too bad: it’s about 25 hours long, assuming you aren’t trying to 100% the galleries. In about 27.5 hours I was able to complete the game, complete the report card for all the characters, and get a couple runs of school mode in. Finally, the game looks much better than the PSP version and contains extra content, so even if you’ve played it before, it’s worth playing again.

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