Shin'en Multimedia Bringing Art of Balance to the Wii U eShop

Earlier this week Shin'en Multimedia teased a reveal for a new Wii U game, one beyond the already highly-anticipated FAST Racing NEO, and Nintendo Life can exclusively confirm that this Wii U eShop title is Art of Balance.

It'll include new features such as online co-op and competitive multiplayer, online leaderboards and new control options.

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BoneBone2080d ago

1080p / 240fps / 5 player local x 2 = upto 10 player online / more local and online options / Wiimote support.


eyeofcore2080d ago

It is not 240FPS... It is rock solid 60FPS.

240 FPS involving physics calculation, the more frames the more accurate it is.

This game is most def above PS3/X360 in visuals...

11eleven112080d ago

If every studio could match the speed and quality of Shin'an the market would be in bloom. I will get everything they produce. Congratulations to the team.

D2K2080d ago

It seems that studios that actually have time to work on Wii U games or care to study the hardware to see how powerful it really is seem to come up with very pleasing results.

I've never played their Art Of Balance games before so this would be a new experience for me.

Venox20082080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

you definately should, this is a great game and Shinen are very great devs..

for we are many2080d ago

Very happy to hear this, the wiiware and 3DS iterations of this series is nothing short of amazing, addictive fun.

Neonridr2080d ago

I will have to check out the 3DS version while I wait for this one to release. Looks promising though.

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The story is too old to be commented.