Hey Fellow Early Adopters of Xbox One – We got screwed

Esler’s personal, unfiltered feelings on how Microsoft lost their number one fan. Him.

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vega2751715d ago

Im ashamed of myself for clicking on the link.

As a early adopter I don't feel I got screwed. I got exactly what I payed for and im enjoying every minute of it. The system is great and I love the launch lineup and im looking forward to more games coming.

VENOMACR12271715d ago

Love how you get disagrees on your opinion that you enjoy your X1.

I'm glad I bought my X1 on Day 1. The UI needs some tweaks which will get fixed with a system update. The upcoming game lineup is looking excellent. Games look beautiful and run great. So far very happy with it.

kreate1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Thanks for buying consoles on day one.

I always appreciate gamers like u. Keeps the industry rolling.

I'm a cheap Ass gamer so I almost never pay full price. Or buy day one.

n4rc1714d ago

Lol.. This was my first day one console

And yeah.. I'm very happy with it, its not perfect but well worth the money given the hours I already have on it

Godmars2901714d ago

"Love how you get disagrees on your opinion that you enjoy your X1."

Isn't that exactly what you're doing in regards to this article. Disagreeing with someone's opinion and defending MS's choices which very likely are screwing over first adapters.

And before brainless fanboy response reflex kicks in: Yes, I lean towards. No, haven't bought a PS4 yet. Likely wont until until there are more games - JRPGs and arcade - and there's a clearer picture of their multimedia support. Its on par with PS3 as far as private media is concerned.

Hicken1714d ago

... It's an opinion, not a statement of fact. It can be disagreed with.

VENOMACR12271714d ago


Did I disagree with the article? Where in my response did I disagree with anything in the article? All I gave was my opinion on my own purchase. So no, that isn't "exactly" what I did.

Godmars2901714d ago


Vega's, "Im ashamed of myself for clicking on the link." doesn't start off too strong or insulting of someone else's opinion?

"Oh no. I've demeaned myself by regarding someone's obviously flawed opinion." That's how others read it. That's why he go disagrees.

Its alright if you and he are enjoying your consoles, but if these new model rumors pan out in less than a year of the XB1's release, many other people are going to be upset. Perhaps rightfully so.

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Kayant1715d ago

Yh I don't get it either. MS will most likely have released the update for external HD support by the time the model arrives if the rumours are true. You get to keep your disk drive and have more space.

You are still going to be paying for the extra HDD cost anywhere with the new model so you are hardly getting *screwed*.

CanofGaming1715d ago

An opinion piece written by someone who was personally quite disappointed with their time as an early adopter of the Xbox One and one that you disagree with.

CanofGaming1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Is it really possible to disagree with a comment that is rather objective?

creatchee1714d ago


This is N4G. Anything is possible.

impet251714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I love my Xbox but the shortcomings are really starting to put me off, like the slow load times and dead rising after update the framedips are really bad. I think it was more stable before.

russy911714d ago

Ahhh n4g where fanboys think your opinion is wrong is a valid comment guess what folks it's a bloody opinion this guys how can it be wrong it's from his point of view is its not valid then neither are your saying his us wrong

dwlwoolers1714d ago

Hey u guys can just get a ps4 and leave Microsoft behind. Sometimes u have to realize a bad investment and cut ur losses. I can put laptop hard drives in my ps4. Honestly why would u opt for a console that is less oriented on games and more on services that Roku does already. Realize that as time goes by the gap in visual quality and true next generation games will only get wider. Playstation Plus kills Xbox Gold (6 free games a month) and our games are new (free Outlast) and sorry Ps4 is leading XB1 by over 1.5 million console sales and it hasn't even released in Japan yet. Its beating the XB1 in the USA and the UK. Just forget being a fanboy and get the better choice for ur wallets and for your gaming needs. The Xbox 360 was such a good console, I dont understand why Microsoft is trying to Bone its Loyal fan base XBone720p

PsylentKiller1714d ago

PS+ for PS4 is not as great as it is for PS3. PS4 only gets one free game per month. I understand that the library is limited but when there are many more games on the market, will Sony gives us four PS4 games per month or keep everything the same?