Is History Repeating Itself?

The winning formula? Convincing parallels between the PS2 and PS3.

No console maker has ever dominated three consecutive platform generations. Atari squandered its head start in the 80s, Nintendo lost its near monopolistic stranglehold in the 90s, and now it's Sony's turn to pass the baton. Or is it? The PS3 may have seen its share of negative press lately, but Sony seems to be lining up a perfect repeat success of the PS2. The outlook for PS3 is actually not all that different as it was for the PS2 when it was first introduced in 2000. Don't believe us? Check out these examples of history repeating itself.

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DEIx15x84455d ago

It's about time someone made an article that compared both the similarities and the dissimilarities. Most articles like this seem biased by only offering one side. Some of these points seemed to be pushing it though.

kmis874455d ago

Wait, did that other article just link to the second half of this one, the pessimistic half?

The BS Police4455d ago

1. The PS3 is $600, that is a huge diffirence from the PS2's Price point!


2. The Xbox 360 is not going to go away like the Dreamcast!

TheMART4454d ago

Answer to your question:

Yes it will repeat.

PS3 will be the next dreamcast. This time Sony writes red marks and MS has the money, content and marketpower

Shadow4454d ago

Considering more PS3's sold in a day in Japan than 360's sold in 7 months... Its pretty safe to assume that the PS3 is going to have a larger base in Japan than 360. Its also safe to assume that there will be more japanese dev support for it than 360. Oh snap.

DEIx15x84454d ago

Japanese game stores are also selling NESs, Dreamcasts, and every other game console that has ever existed and the games to go along with it. Selling in Japan means nothing because a console can die everywhere and still sell in Japan. A few brand new Dreamcast games were even released in Japan last year. So how is the system dead if it still sells in Japan?

12Volt4453d ago

Good article, but inconsistant, for example, no unified online experience = incorrect. As well as coming off a slow PSP. Very wrong, because the PSP competes with Nintendo DS, which it got bonzaid, but did above expectation. In reality, the PS2 is still outselling X360 how the hell can you explain that?!

You can only take my ps2 broke so far.

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