Spring Update Gives Some Users Problems

Some gamers have been reporting issues with the recent Spring Update released for the Xbox 360. While we have received a couple of reports of choppy video in our forums, it appears users have been experiencing other problems too.

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clayton5827d ago

I think the only problem is the users, how can a patch affect some users and not others, it doesn't make any sense. I think the problem is between the controller and the chair.

greenlynxx5827d ago

Dude your crazy. Tell how I have anything to do with the fact that after I downloaded the update my 360 won't boot to the dash but loads the game instead?

joemutt5827d ago (Edited 5827d ago )

Its an option you obviously havent turned on. The update gives you the "option" to boot to the dashboard. You also have the "option" to que 6 downloads, but it wont do it for you, you have to turn it on!

Like #1 said: Its a problem between the controller and the chair!

omansteveo5827d ago

I dono mine boots you have to go to the system blade and set it to go to the dashboard and not load the game

Fuzz McDeath5827d ago

And that's also how these b.s. stories get blown out of proportion. You already posted this story days ago under the title "Spring Dashboard update bugs out". Your original post referenced XBOX360Fanboy's article. This one references PlanetXBOX360 which in turn references XBOX360Fanboy's article - SAME ARTICLE!!!!

Schmitty075827d ago

You have to change it first, it doesn't do it automatically. Go to system blade>setup>dash.

I love how everything get blown out of proportion on the internet.

clayton5827d ago

Why would it autopmatically make it boot to the dashboard and not the game? What if you want it to boot to the game instead of the dashboard? They gave you a CHOICE, not forcing you to boot to the game, just like not forcing you to purchase HD-DVD, so don't snap back at me greenlynx, like I said the problem is between the controller and the chair, and if you don't know what that means, the problem is you.

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The story is too old to be commented.