Playstation 3 Firmware 1.10 Released - Supports Homebrew!

Yes, you are reading the title correctly! Sony have just released version 1.10 of the PS3's firmware for any Japanese gamers who already have a PS3 through the use of the official Japanese PS3 site. As Japanese gamers queue up to receive their brand new PS3 consoles the big guys back at Sony have been refining the install method of the PS3's firmware update. With PS3 firmware v1.10 being released, gamers are half way between being able to interface their PSP's with a PS3 console. According to Sony's PS3 Japan site, this firmware update will provide "various functional additions and strengthening of security." Judging from the first bullet point in the overall system changes section, it looks like the Playstation Network couldn't be accessed in bad. Here's an translation from Sony's site detailing what version 1.10 features:

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DJ4449d ago

Can't wait to see what people start cooking up on the PS3.

BIadestarX4449d ago

I think thePS3 will be just fine; content wise. There are enough game developers making games for it. Homebrew ofcourse if always welcome, but wouldn't be better if Sony would allow homebrew for the PSP instead? Sony is releasing a patch every month to stop PSP owners from running homebrew applications. I hope this is true, but knowing Sony's history against homebrew applications on their systems. Lets hope is not a controlled environment where they control what runs.

UrbanJabroni4449d ago

"There's currently a heavy discussion on this going on in our forums, with many famous names from the PSP homebrew scene working on taking a peek inside the PS3 firmware update. "

PS3 does not "support" homebrew. An update to the site says it may allow for the support of "non sony SYSTEM software", which most suspect to mean Linux installation, which we already knew.

Here's the issue with Linux as I see it. Sony is going to have a MESS on its hands with 3rd party publishers, especially those with back-catalogs. 360 adds upgrades to old games over live, so I'll skip that, but the Wii releases games "as they were." How quickly do you think there will be a lawsuit/revolt when publishers realize kids are installing linux and running illegal copies of games on emulators on their PS3. I'm sure many on this site will think that is "awesome", but the rights holders certainly won't. Add the customability of Linux, and it'll take what, a week before we see one that copies the PS3 look and feel and adds included emulator support?

mephixto4449d ago

Moddingggggggg Powaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Weapon X4449d ago

I submitted this story first!!!!! WTF????

MS fans die with ENVY!


TheXgamerLive4449d ago

There's no envy, this just shows how little you know about the competitions.

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The story is too old to be commented.