Amazon: Pre Order Hype For The Order:1886, PS4 Console $393.99, Sonic Clearance Deal and more

Amazon has a few deals going on for all consoles. Sonic Generations is seeing a very big discount, Assassin's Creed IV for Wii U has a good deal, pre-order tab for the highly anticipated The Order: 1886 and more at Amazon

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Livingon6001712d ago

Please Sony and RAD, please deliver on making The Order an awesome one.

iceman13461712d ago

it's shaping up to be a wonderful experience

Eonjay1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

I wonder if the gameplay borrows from God of War at all. This studio has a proven pedigree of talent and quality. The writer is award winner Kirk Ellis whose work includes "John Adams" and "Anne Frank" expect the game to be riddled with historical references even if they seem altered or reimagined.

Expect for Gloover Cleveland to make an apperence and also for a reference to the Statue of Liberty to make an appearance as it was recieved in...1886.

Lol wouldn't it be silly and fun if an ulter ego to the Statue was a boss?

SaturdayNightBeaver1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

should there be any doubts? its sony

Excalibur1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Just be aware that it's not actually Amazon selling the PS4 for $393.99, it's a seller through Amazon.
I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the seller in any way shape or form, just that it's not actually Amazon selling it so if you have any problems with the console you may (emphasis on MAY) have problems returning it or it might take a month to actually get it.

Be a smart consumer, saving $6.00 may not be worth all the extra hassle.

jagstatboy1712d ago

For real, I would never buy a PS4 for only $6 off from an unknown individual.

Excalibur1712d ago

Exactly, there may be absolutely nothing wrong with the seller what-so-ever BUT you may also get a used/refurbished PS4 for all you know, I personally wouldn't want to read through all the fine print of the description of the product or go through the pages and pages of seller feedback.

For six bucks I'd want the peace of mind that I was actually getting the product from Amazon with all their awesome guarantees.

harrisk9541712d ago

PS4 in stock at Amazon a few days ago... PS4 out of stock now (only available from resellers)... XB1 in stock over the holdiays... XB1 still in stock... XB1 never been out of stock.

Justindark1712d ago

fan boy much last time i checked u arent on sonys pay role so let xbox gamers enjoy there game.

harrisk9541712d ago

Just making an observation.

Justindark1712d ago

my disagrees indicate the bias fan base here its nut you guess it is like a disorder.