Final Fantasy 10's Blitzball was 'inspired by football and Star Wars pod races'

games™ chatted to veteran Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase about the origins of Final Fantasy’s most comprehensive minigame.

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Hicken1714d ago

In X. What they did to it in X-2 was a travesty.

Blitzball is in a very close race with Triple Triad for my favorite minigame in FF(or any game, though I did spend an ungodly number of hours in Xenosaga's casino), with the sub game from VII in a solid 3rd. If either of those two were to be sold as separate games, I'd buy them in a heartbeat.

RandomGamer1712d ago

Yeah X-2 pissed me off when they changed it.

Honestly if they made a whole game out of blitzball I would buy it .Add more teams more players more techniques ohhh god would be day one buy for me .

SteamPowered1714d ago

I miss episode 1 pod racing. Such a great game.

Dravidian1714d ago

Anyone else want a sports game based on Blitzball? Maybe expand the playable characters across FF or other SE titles?

gamesTM_dom1714d ago

Dissidia: Blitzball has a nice ring to it