Naughty Dog mulls The Last of Us 2

Naughty Dog is currently considering its options regarding a sequel to The Last of Us, its critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic action game that launched to critical and commercial acclaim early last year.

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GamerXD1812d ago

Naughty Dog, for the sake of greatness do it ASAP. But this time around make it a lot better than the 1st one.

Anyway I want some update for UC4. Really love Naughty Dog's projects.

emad-E-three1812d ago

Could you please tell us what was wrong with "the 1st" game?
The Last Of Us is the gaming industry at its finest!

GarrusVakarian1812d ago

I want a prequel to TLOU, something like this -

johndoe112111812d ago


Soooooooo, what exactly is your issue with TLOU that you want them to make it much better?



GamerXD1812d ago

@Everyone above

I guess it's a little bit misleading, but I didn't say there's something wrong with The Last of Us and yes, it's perfect. I'm just saying Naughty Dog can go beyond perfection cause I believe and praise their excellence and talent in game development.

So my point? ND can make perfect game even better simply because they are Naughty Dog.

Ratty1812d ago

I loved The Last of Us but it did have few issues that broke immersion such as your followers "sneaking" in plain sight and the enemies not seeing them. Then again if you'd get spotted everytime they did that the game would be nearly impossible to beat at the highest difficulty setting... and it'd suck as well.

It's not a huge issue though but I'm sure they can do something about it.

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Crazyglues1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

-But Of course, how could this even be a Question?

Yes.. Yes indeed Yes of course, Yes Please for crying out loud - Make a Part 2, On PS4..

I really don't get why they would have to think about this, the game did really well, and people loved it, even the reviews were crazy, with it scoring 10's across the board. Some 9's but mostly 10's.

-And fans Loved it, I personally thought the game was amazing..

||.........___||............ ||

theDivision1811d ago

Or allow me to play the original on the PS4

JoSneak1812d ago

I strongly disagree.
The Last of Us is one of a kind game, please do not mess that up! why ppl need sequels so much????

mantisimo1811d ago

Because they enjoyed the 1st so much?

I think it's all a little academic anyway as the sequel if there is one will have been in preproduction (certainly the story boarding) for quite some time.

The last of us team will be working on something already as this dlc winds down, even just in story planning,whatever comes next will have already been decided.

I don't think I mind either way I've never disliked a nd game they are by far and away my favourite devs.

Veneno1811d ago

To do a sequel to The Last of Us would be a HUGE risk as it could ruin the merits set forth by the first game if it isn't as good as the first, BUT if done with the care it deserves, the payoff could be that it surpasses the first and generates even more accolades and success.

Naughty Dog has some serious decisions to make.

medman1811d ago

I would like to see another entry for The Last of Us, but I would rather see that wait several years with them giving us Uncharted first, then delivering a new ip, preferably a space epic, then TLOU 2 much later in this gen. Give us a good chance to miss it and yearn to return to that apocalypse.

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KakashiHotake1812d ago

I don't know why Naughty Dog even has to think about it after all the success, it should be a no brainer.

Bathyj1812d ago

Actually I like that they don't just automatically say yes, it's a hit so we'll do a sequel. I bet EA has the next 2 Titanfall games planned out already.

I do however hope they do it because it's such a rich universe and there's so many more stories they could still tell.

ratcop221812d ago

Naughty by nature naughty dog:)

Aghashie1812d ago

Come on Naughty Dog, u can't win game-of-the-year w every game u make! No way! Let the other studios participate u know.


Just a little humor :)

asmith23061812d ago

Apparently people disagree with humor around here.

chrissx1812d ago

Take your time ND,and make a great sequel to a great game

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