Phil Spencer On Killer Instinct: “We’ll Stay Committed To Quality”; Looking Into More HD Remasters

GearNuke: "Microsoft’s Phil Spencer clears confusion of fans over Killer Instinct after the recent news that Double Helix games have been acquired by Amazon. He is also trying to gauge interest of fans to see if there is enough demand for HD Remakes of classic Xbox titles for the Xbox One."

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4ShotKing1740d ago

Conker HD for XB1 please

Mr Pumblechook1740d ago

More HD remasters? Come on Microsoft, sure I'd love to see a Halo 3 HD but I want you to invest in new studios to make new franchises.

4ShotKing1740d ago

Banjo Kazooie HD I absolutely loved, I would kill for Conker HD

DeathOfTheFanBoy1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

If they announced Conker sequel I would pre order before I had even laid eyes on it, Love the original, well the remake of it on xbox, I never had it on my N64.

But I would also do the same with a HD port too.

BTW, there is a very good chance that Rare are going to be tasked with continuing KI, and some of the folk from DH will be working along side them...
If anyone follows Maximilian Dood on YT you will know what a great source of fighting genre info he is, and in particular has been there every step of the way with KI.

Tedakin1740d ago

Yeah the studio is leaving KI, but the producers and directors, including the games creator Ken Lobb, are all continuing with the project. So hopefully it'll stay as awesome as it's already been.

kabala1740d ago

Mechwarrior, Crimson Skys

Septic1740d ago

Crimson Skies, Blood Wake, Conker HD, Brute Force.

Make it happen MS!

Ashunderfire861740d ago

Don't forget Breakdown and Tao Feng: Fist of The Lotus

Those games where original man! The original Xbox truly had the best games, and the most exclusives out of the 3 Xbox systems.

Tedakin1740d ago

Holy crap. Crimson Skies would be epic. Forgot about that one.

Elit3Nick1740d ago

you mean mechassault right? Sure mechwarrior could be possible but the controls would be really strange

from the beach1740d ago

Yep, definitely. Rebuilding the Xbox games from the ground up is a great way to do it and the effort is hugely appreciated.

I guess he's hinting at 'Halo 2 Anniversary' here.

christocolus1740d ago

Otogi, mechassault,age of mythology, kameo, conker,pd, kungfu chaos, blinx, crimson skies, fuzion frenzy....pls make it happen

Neoninja1740d ago

Man I loved Otogi but I don't think MS owns it. If they do that's something they need to remake pronto!

They also need to revive Blinx! That was a fun platformer, difficult at times, but fun.

christocolus1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Blinx was really good too. Ms owns both ips but while artoon developed blinx fromsoftware developed otogi.


Jade empire and kotor were epic. Hope ms considers bringing back some of these games.

maniacmayhem1740d ago

Give me a good Age of Mythology, especially now that the Xbox One supports keyboard.

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