Evolution 2014 - The Biggest Fighting Tournament - Game List Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Evolution 2014 is the biggest fighting tournament and we can’t wait to see what Daigo, Justin Wong, Chris G, Infiltration and Tokido have in store for us. The list of the games that will be featured in this 2014 event has been unveiled, featuring four returning games and two new."

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maniacmayhem1717d ago

Those Smash Bros. fights were super hype! Loved them!

caseh1717d ago

Incredibly boring if you ask me, I didn't really get all the hype.

A little surprised at there being no TTT2 this year, I quite enjoyed that last time around. :/

pompombrum1717d ago

Can't believe there won't be any Tekken this year, bit disappointing tbh.

fardan851717d ago

No Tekken & Mk, man I was looking forward to EVO14.
I will just watch injustice + Street fighter + KOF.

caseh1717d ago

yeah, very disappointing. Surely the community for TTT2 hasn't vanished already?

nope1111717d ago

Hope Injustice won't be another spam-fest disappointment... Glad to BlazBlue up there, looking forward to that the most.

majiebeast1717d ago

The new balance patch has spiced things up its not just Superman 24/7 anymore.

GrandpaSnake1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Im still waiting for some day to see CVS2 back on that list.

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