Let Tecmo Koei Know if You Want the Update of Atelier Rorona

oprainfall writes:

"Tecmo Koei has apparently not decided if they are going to localize the updated version of Atelier Rorona here in the West. In a response on Twitter, they say “Not yet but we wanna know your opinion.” This leaves it to us fans to tell them if we want this game localized."

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PoSTedUP1767d ago

i want them to localize it!

DualWielding1767d ago

I don't follow this series but I don't see why not localize, the english script already exists from the PS3 version right? that takes care of the most expensive part of the localization process..

Rodney251766d ago

^What he said I want too

TwilightSparkle1766d ago

We shouldn't have to ask >: (