Steam Early Access is quite possibly the biggest story of 2014

It’s official, Steam Early Access is the new Kickstarter for medium budget games. In late 2013 we predicted that the biggest story of the coming year would in fact be Steam Early Access. Since the beginning of the year we’ve heard nothing but success stories due to launching on Early Access. Rust, DayZ, Starbound, and now Next Car Game owe their initial sales success to Steam.

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Section81715d ago

Really? A pc feature will be the biggest story of 2014? Sales or not, it's not happening. The Order: 1886 says hello.

Masterh0ppa1715d ago

the order sure dude.. keep on dreaming.

Section81715d ago

Haven't seen a pc game that looks even close to what GOW3 did nevermind The Order.

"Even the head of ATI a couple months ago came out and said graphics are getting held back by a software layer that PC developers just can’t take advantage of."

Irishguy951715d ago

Good Job on misinterpreting Ready at Dawn and Ati Section 8. You're making Ready at Dawn look foolish and completely misinterpreting Ati. Well done.

Congratulations on showing your stupidity though. You deserve some type of award for it.

PotatoClock1714d ago

I'm sure a Darwin Award will be on offer for this guy sometime in the future.

SteamPowered1715d ago

75 million active users on Steam are waving at you right now.

PeaSFor1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

"75 million active users" numbers of accounts arent "active users" fyi.

the concurent user number is peaking a 7millions, so no, forget your 75m active users silly number.(btw im one of them since steam launch simply by booting my windows.(the number of psn "active users"(lol) surpassed 90 million in june it would blatantly be ever bigger right now with all the migrating 360 owners)

(pc only circlejerk can disagree all day/night long but it wont change the fact...that its.. A FACT.)

sorane1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I don't think you know what they mean by "active users" pea. You're not one of those active users unless you've bought or been playing games on steam in the last 30 days. 7 million concurrent users is more than live and psn combined. So yes 75 million active is correct. Just because you say it's a "FACT" doesn't make it one. Also psn has never released active numbers they have only released total number of accounts ever created on psn. Active accounts on psn are much much smaller.

parentsbasement1715d ago

im probably considered a steam active user , I got on there once and hated it , went back one more time....still hated it

TekoIie1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )


You assumed Steam alone tells us how many PC gamers there are.

There is usually 5 million (last time i checked) concurrent LOL players playing at any one time. So how many of those are also signed into steam at any one time?

All I have to say to you is prove it's all 5 million.

If you don't like LOL then how about Starcraft 2? Thats not on Steam either.

I hope you're getting the gist that your entire argument is flawed.

solar1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )


no console does that Pea.

active means you have actually connected to the network. my ps3 has been a blu ray player since UC2 (great game btw).

LAWSON721715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )


I doubt Xbox Live has that large of a concurrent player count. I cannot find the new record but back when MW2 came out they broke 2M concurrent users, and the year before they only broke 1.5M. It would of had to have a 400% increase in 4 Years and I doubt that has happened considering the user count was roughly 20M and now it is at almost 50M.

You would be surprised how popular PC gaming is. LOL has a concurrent count around 5M and Dota 2 even has 500k, meanwhile I think the highest concurrent player count on Xbox Live is 1.4M for one game (MW3).

The PC is not some small niche crowd who like to think there are this huge amount of players, because the FACT is it is actually pretty damn popular platform. You could say well they are f2p but last time I checked DOTA and LOL made quite a bit of cash last year

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rhcpfan1715d ago

Who knows, that game could also end up simply being another Killzone.

Somebody1715d ago

It should be a big news.

PC gamers are able to participate and help develop new features such as Steam's Greenlight and Early Access, all without forcing them to buy new PCs.

Console fans needed to wait for a whole new generation of consoles before they can enjoy new major features such as PS Now.

sorane1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

The Order? You mean linear generic third person action game #4567698708 with no replay value that's barely gonna be worth a weekend rental fee? Yeah have fun wasting $60+ on that. I've already got 10x the gameplay from early access titles than the order will ever have.

Section81715d ago


Haven't seen a pc game that looks even close to what GOW3 did nevermind The Order.

"Even the head of ATI a couple months ago came out and said graphics are getting held back by a software layer that PC developers just can’t take advantage of."

sorane1715d ago

You must be either blind or just not looking that hard then.

Master-H1715d ago

"generic third person action game #4567698708" all of this without even seeing gameplay of the game, let alone play it to judge, anyway have fun paying for your glorified betas.

Gamecrastinate1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

We're totally cool with readers disagreeing. That's what the internet is for after all. But of all the games coming out in 2014 you chose The Order: 1886 as the biggest one?

1715d ago
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Treian1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

2014 just started. -_-....

MainstreamGamer1715d ago

Yeah, I love paying developers to be their alpha or beta tester, and not the other way around./S. Today's modern gamers
are so pathetic.

PotatoClock1714d ago

Yeah, geez, these modern gamers!
How dare Kickstarter and the like allow games to be created that big name publishers would determine as too risky and would not fund themselves. They should be happy with the new Battlefield 28 or Call of Duty 56 and never complain about wanting something different! /s