Persona 5: A Red Game About Freedom and Made for the Discontent

The Persona series has been a series well received by many people. The Persona series started off pretty similar to the Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) games but Persona 3 broke that trend and allowed the series to have a more unique aesthetic and play style. Atlus replaced the difficulty that SMT was so famous for with light visual novel elements, allowing the player to go on dates, attend a classroom and live a normal life when they aren’t off to save their little piece of the world. The combination worked well enough that it left people wanting more. Ever since people finished off Persona 4 no more than six years ago they have been looking forward to its sequel. It wasn’t so long ago that Persona 5 was announced for the Playstation 3.

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LordHiggens2809d ago

Every game in the Persona series restores my faith in games a little bit more...year after constant year of Madden and CoD and non-innovative titles it is nice to see a game like Persona.

Imma go play Persona 3 now.

PoSTedUP2808d ago

indeed. persona is the perfect balance in gameplay. the story, the jobs, school, clubs, the lighthearted hangouts and conversations, a perfect and very enjoyable battle system, the dungeon, and the music... 'really no other game like it.

overrated442808d ago

That and the Persona games have some of the best characters in video games, seriously. Persona 4 became my favorite game of all time after playing it, I'm sure Persona 5 will be very impressive.

PoSTedUP2808d ago

oh of course. its like you fall in love with all of them. yuki* has to be my fav.

overrated442808d ago

Yuki!? pffft, my favorite has always been Chie :D

Dread222808d ago

Persona games seem like something I'd play sometime. Just too much of a time investment right now. I tried getting into Animal Crossing New Leaf... and after wasting time there I don't think I will play really long games for awhile. Really sucks so many good long games, but the time it takes to play one OK long game. I could play 10 Really awesome shorter games. Reason I think JRPG genre is dying, not enough time for most gamers.

PoSTedUP2808d ago

if you feel you wasted time then it sounds like you just didnt enjoy it. you have to be into it to enjoy the long hours. i play other games when not playing JRPGs. but to say its dying is to say that RPGs are dying, pokemon, fallout, all these long games, the endless WoW, the demand for Persons etc. there isnt really evidence of long games dying.

im in the middle of 8 jrpgs on the ps1, they are all pretty long (vagrant story i think being the shortest), and i just jump around: few hours on one, few hours on the other etc. sometimes ill get more into one than the other.

i like harvest moon but i put down HOLV for a little while because i didnt know what else to do at one point. HM can get real slow tho too so i hear what youre saying.

TristanP_ObViews2808d ago

Not sure if I agree with that sentiment if you have time for 10 short/normal length games over the year you have time for 2 long games. It's all down to the enjoyment factor.

il-JumperMT2808d ago

I cannot wait to see Mara on PS3!