Sumo Working on "One of the Most Successful Driving Franchises of All Time," Several New AAA Games

According to a new career opportunity ad seeking a “Game Designer – Vehicle Handling and Perfomance Specialist“ Sumo Digital is on the move, and it’s working on something you wouldn’t expect.

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yewles11712d ago

Showing a GT6 pic when it could potentially mean NfS or PGR or anything...

hellzsupernova1712d ago

Yeah click bait. But who knows what it could be, I'm leaning to PGR or NFS

nix1712d ago

i think it's F1. they worked on F1 for Vita.

minimur121712d ago

GT7 was supposedly to come this year or the next. Maybe they're working on that

hellzsupernova1712d ago

@nix yeah I did notice that.

Lets round up the facts. They have ported games before, its triple A.

I think it could be a port of GT6. TO PS4 while polyphony works on GT7. thats what im calling

PoSTedUP1712d ago

exactly, if it were GT it would have said "Thee" most sucessful driving franchise of all time. XD.

-Foxtrot1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Hmmm wonder what it can be, I mean no offence but they've not really created anything "wow" worthy over the years. A variety of racing games among other stuff but nothing to say "Yeah we are quite capable of working on apparently successful driving franchises"

I mean when I think of racing games the only few that pop into my head are GT, Forza, Burnout, PGR Need for Speed, F1, Driver, Wipeout etc

None which I could see these guys touch

BitbyDeath1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

No Wacky Wheels?
That game is long overdue for a sequal XD

SteamPowered1712d ago

It's gotta be....F-ZERO!!!

Master-H1712d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.