$296 'like new' PS4 systems sell out in an instant on Amazon

Earlier today Amazon shocked some consumers by introducing some stock of $296 PS4 systems that were used but said to be 'like new' meaning they were in great condition. Naturally this offer didn't last long but this means you should keep an eye out for Amazon if they sell more 'like new' PS4 systems themselves again.

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XiSasukeUchiha1808d ago

Yep Sony+Amazon= affordable greatness!

Sci0n1808d ago

That is the biggest steal of a deal, you will still be covered by Sony for the 1 year warranty. If your console breaks you get a brand new replacement not a refurb.

tethered1808d ago

Did it come with a the one year warranty?

This is just my opinion but even if it is Sony, never buy a used system. The warranty alone is worth $100.00 so close to launch.

Good luck to those that did this.

Sci0n1808d ago

Every PS4 is covered mandatory under the 1 year manufacturer warrenty.

fattyuk1808d ago

But your buying it as "used" console from amazon so how will it have a 1 year warranty if it's already been registered?

kreate1808d ago

What fatty said.
I'm wondering the same thing.

Or does the warranty follow the hardware? Or does it follow the original buyer?

Sci0n1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

The warranty follows the hardware. My nephew lucked out and found a used one at gamestop and before he bought it he called sony inside gamestop they confirmed that there is a one year manufacturer warranty for all the PS4s. Call Sony now and ask if you don't believe me.

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