Yet more mouthwatering InFamous: Second Son screens served up by Sucker Punch

PSU's Adam Byrne writes: ''As the March release of Sucker Punch’s InFamous: Second Son edges ever closer, you can bet your bottom dollar that more and more sumptuous screens will be fed out to entice impatient PS4 gamers - and today’s no different..'

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ZodTheRipper1714d ago

I'm always scanning the terrain for hints on new powers but I can't find anything :/

trywizardo1714d ago

maybe there are only a few more powers and they want people to be surprised by them , but i don't think there's gonna be a lot of powers cause if it is they would show more ...

ZodTheRipper1714d ago

They have 1,5 months left and probably are in full production at the moment ...the real marketing starts when the game is in it's final state.

alexkoepp1714d ago Show
guitarded771714d ago

@ alexkoepp

So you never played inFAMOUS 1 and 2 then.

Excellent series, and Seattle if a perfect city to use for a sandbox. My wife and I went to Seattle for our honeymoon... beautiful city with a very nice aesthetic.

Sevir1714d ago

They said the powers delsin gets can be found through the environment, I saw water, smoke, and adumndance of Neon...

alexkoepp1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Graphics look alright, still not as impressive as ryse or killzone though. My March is gonna be tied up in titanfall but I guess I'll give this game a try out after I'm done with that. Are there any good games coming out spring/summer?

no I didn't play the first two, I remember seeing footage of the first and not being interested in that at all either, supposedly crackdown was an awesome game too, maybe this genre just doesn't do it for me. Loved GTA4-5 though...

erathaol1714d ago

I dig that Seattle Fish Market screen, wish I knew why.

GarrusVakarian1713d ago


"Graphics look alright"

Lol, you have to remember this is a 1080p OPEN WORLD game, the graphics are amazing -

"alright"....he says.

Irishguy951713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

@Alex, play them and you'll see why. They are good -great games. The first one gets a bit repetitive towards the end although the story is awesome. The second one doesn't get repetitive, it just gets better and better and the fights that happen towards the end involve giant monsters of an ice faction and other monsters, and humans fighting each other while you fight both or else just watch if you want. Also, you can THROW TORNADOS out of you. How is that not cool?

It's pretty simple, it's an open world game that isn't too long, has good leveling elements, interesting powers and solid gameplay mechanics. The games are not too easy and not too hard, they have a good challenge and are well balance despite what awesome powers you unlock. What more can you ask? It's not a game that defines a generation, but it a game that were you will simply enjoy it thoroughly. I can safely say Infamous 2 was one in my top 20 of last gen (Coming from a PC/X360/Ps3/Vita/Psp gamer, i've played most/all critically acclaimed games over the last 5-7 years)

The new infamous, if you buy it, I guarantee you will immediately become a fan of it. Put 5 hours into it before brandishing it off as another tps, because at first it seems like that. In the end they are quite unique.

Also, **** the graphics. So what if they ain't Ryse or Killzone. This game will walk all over those two games in quality. They are a good amount better than last gen so just forget about em. They will treat your eyes well once you play it. Titanfall has 'bad' graphics compared to Ryse, Killzone and Infamous, but you don't let that affect your opinion. I won't let that affect my opinion of Titanfall either. Titanfall will also be a game to get when it releases.

guyman1713d ago Show
mewhy321713d ago

OMG this game looks amazing!!!! The PS4's power is really shining through!!!! The real advantage of exclusive software is that the devs dont have to worry about trying to achieve parity with lesser machines. That effort is really showing through in the screens and vids that we've see on this game.

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SnotyTheRocket1714d ago

Such Graphics
Much Superpowers

Riderz13371714d ago

Fish power confirmed...Throw fish at enemies.

scott1821714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

That is one gorgeous city from all the screenshots I have seen, I may have to visit Seattle after playing this.

Destrania1714d ago

Seattle and the surrounding area is amazing.

starchild1714d ago

Ah how I miss my Seattle.

solidsheep1714d ago

I'd suggest to swing up North to Vancouver if your heading to Seattle. Vancouver wont disappoint.

Lunarassassin1713d ago

Is it possible that they remove power sources in screenshots to keep it a surprise?

ITPython1713d ago

Wow, these are the first screenshots I have seen that really make this game look like it's in the Infamous universe. The familiar water towers on top of buildings, the billboard signs that are almost certain to have some kind of blast shard on them, and that dark look to the world. I'm glad sucker punch is keeping it's roots in the way the game looks rather than drastically changing everything just because it's a new game on a next-gen console.

This game is going to be amazing! I recently finished Infamous the other day, and I gotta make sure to run through Infamous 2 again before I get this.

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MidnytRain1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I've no idea why anyone would put "mouthwatering" in the title, then post tiny low-res screens in the article. In no universe is a thumbnail-sized picture mouthwatering.

KevinCubes1714d ago

Dk tropical freeze looks better

SourShoes1714d ago

Yeah, to an 8 year old.
Jerk off

NiteX1713d ago

I don't get this attack. Mostly because I don't believe any 8 year old even owns a Wii U, let alone knows what Donkey Kong is.

king_george1714d ago

Lol why would u say that?

DragonKnight1714d ago

SourShoes: Dude, bad form. I found Kevin's actual picture and you're going to hate yourself for what you said.

SourShoes1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Here's my actual picture for Kevin:

TheTowelBoy1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Geez I just bought a gaming laptop and have been trudging my way through the GIANT AC4 world on my new Ps4. Im so poor. I thought I'd wait to pull the trigger on this game but I think I'mma just get it when it comes out. Dat empty wallet doe.

DragonKnight1714d ago

March is empty wallet month.

I have a minimum of 3 games to get. FFXHD, Dark Souls 2, and this game. There's also other games that aren't as important to me right now, but still worth getting.

I know the feels bro, I know the feels.

TheTowelBoy1713d ago

Agreed haha I'm definitely picking up ffx can't wait to dig into it again on vita. Geez I didn't know so many were coming out.. yikes! Year of the RPG :D

beatled1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

looks mediocre graphically.....will be a great game (loved the other two) but next gen......???

not to me

its not that I care only about graphics, its just that the graphics aren't the selling point of this game to me

I want to know how free I will be, what are they offering in terms of GAMEPLAY that I could not get last gen

graphics are already generations beyond this on pc, don't need this game for that

DragonKnight1714d ago

Look out, another Mr. Magoo.

OsirisBlack1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Please direct me to an open world PC game with graphics that are "Generations beyond this" that is not a modded game please. I'll wait.

beatled1714d ago

sleeping dogs
arma 3
arma 2 day z
far cry 2 and 3
cysis 1 from 2007
just cause 2

do I have to keep going

this screen...

that looks last gen.....doesn't even come close to vanilla gta iv on pc

the game is not going to be impressive visually at all unless all you played were last gen ps3/360 games which do admittedly all look like crap

Rainstorm811714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Beatled is legally blind, don't mind him

Nice way to search out a bad pic and ignore the tons of great images from this game

Just cause 2..... ROTFL

Also if u played the first two, this game certainly looks leaps and bounds better than both......but here u are complaining

All PS3/360 games look like crap?.....Sad little man

OsirisBlack1714d ago


After I read his list I realized his opinion no longer held any weight.

Ashunderfire861713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )


Your sir are a troll, so go jump off a building to kill yourself. I kid I kid(joke). I digress

Infamous Second Son looks just as good, or better than most of those games you mention. You don't see too many open world games with graphics like this. Plus people need to stop comparing PC to consoles, because PC has a unfair advantage over the consoles with the upgrading and all. Its the best looking open world console game ever made, how about that?. PC is a league of its own, so don't throw your PC specs on us for the 100th time already! Huh The Master Race PC gamer:

The PC Master Race music so dance around your fancy PC rigs lol!

sGIBMBR1713d ago

Beatled, why do you even exist?

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Bigpappy1714d ago

You are one funny Aussie. But he is a PC guy so he will not be impressed. I will wait for it to release and give my honest opinion. Look forward to your response then.

Bathyj1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Hey, thanks for reading. ;)

PC guy or not, the game looks gorgeous and even better, FUN.

If anyone missed out on it because its not 120fps or 1600p or 16xAA or whatever else PC guys care about then it would be a sad loss for them.

For an open world game, with this sort of smooth frantic action, I think even PC guys are going to be impressed. If not,you would have to consider yourself pretty jaded.

Given how good 1, 2 and Festival of Blood were and how good they ran, if it came down to it I was going to get this over Watchdogs, and I'm dying for Watchdogs. Lucky for me it didnt come down to it.

I'll look forward to your honest opinion. I know its hard to read my post without it sounding sarcastic, but really, I mean that.

Eonjay1714d ago

LOL. You are trying to hard not to be impressd. I haven't played the game so I can't tell you if its good but this is one of the most polished looking games ever created. What kind of PC setup do you have and what are you playing that makes you so dismissive of this level of quality? I really need to know.

davidj881714d ago

Why is there always that one guy that has to bring up pc in a topic about a console game?

If you really don't care about the graphics maybe it would be wise to stay away from topics only showing screens of the graphics and wait for a topic that talks about the gameplay.

OT - The screens look awesome, the style and lighting are superb.

DragonKnight1714d ago

Because PC gamers are insecure and have to lord over the money they spent to get awesome graphics over everyone.

After all, what's the point in spending ridiculous money for a status symbol if you can't lord it over someone and feel superior?

webeblazing1714d ago

Says the the gamers the bash each other over gfx. Says the ones who be in PC article downplaying it. You know there's a ton of PC games that sell with normal gfx sometimes even lookin like a n64 game. Rememeber PC is the reason mine craft is on other platform along with a lot of Indy games and gameplay concepts.

BlackTar1871713d ago

Not that many non PC people go to PC articles.

Sevir1714d ago

Lol, you can tell fanboys with an agenda.

ITPython1713d ago

You want to know how free you will be? Sounds like you haven't played any Infamous game before if you have to ask that.

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