Roaming Penis Bandits, or Why I'll Never Play Rust

GR - In Rust, you must gather resources and craft items and tools in order to survive, to continue playing. You can collect food, wood, and even clothing, but the bandits in the video have shirked that last item in order to force other players to remove their in-game clothes and participate in some pretty disturbing hazing rituals.

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cyguration1716d ago

So... is it possible to make female characters? And if so, how are they dealing with all the rapey-ness culture from the penis-trains?

GutZ311716d ago

There are no female characters currently, and pants are automatically blocking your view, you must tell the game thru command promp to let you see people naked.
This is from an extremely old build of the game, or he turned off the default setting that has to be typed out, after pulling up with system command menu.
The game is great fun when you find people to play with.
Doors can be shared now, even pass codes can be placed on doors so if you meet someone that needs help, you can build them a quick house, and put a door your self.

It's a fantastic social experiment of a game, as you run into the A-holes, and the people who are very friendly all turn into protectors of the noobs.

kB01715d ago

Plain stupid. If rust has plays like this I don't see why I would ever want to play this game.

20$ saved!