Is it better to play and learn online in real-life locations?

Forgot Augmented Reality and building your own world's in Minecraft - a new online platform that gamifies education will soon include real-world locations to explore.

Imagine - you're roaming through a virtual wilderness, full of animals (not all of them friendly) and wildlife, when you stumble upon a cave. You enter slowly and carefully, not sure of what awaits inside. Once inside, you discover that this is not just another randomly generated dungeon crawl, but in fact an exact replica of the world's oldest cave system, the Jenolan Caves. Sharp stalactites and stalagmites pierce the space between you and the drawings on the walls - digital replicas of those drawn by by the indigenous people whose culture is tens of thousands of years old.

This is todays school work, and an amazing gamer experience.

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contradictory1766d ago

ahh..educational games... because normal games are too much for little billybob... that's the names that parents give their kids these days right? right.