It’s Time to Reveal ‘HullBreach Uncloaked’, the EVE-Online-inspired Wii U Space MMORPG

Nintendo Enthusiast: "Hullbreach Studios has long been a provider of innovative games and creation tools on Nintendo hardware. Hullbreach Online was their seminal MMORPG on the Wii and DS, provided free of cost to the Nintendo community at large. A massive community grew around Hullbreach and this inspired its creators to dream even larger – with the dream of becoming licensed Wii U developers and creating a 3D space shooter MMORPG of epic proportions. They want nothing more than to satisfy the fantasies of Wii U owners and deliver a sweeping sci-fi online game of depth, atmosphere, and exploration."

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Reeze1715d ago

That looks really interesting!

elninels1715d ago

Maybe.maybe..maybe.......with more info... a system seller????

JuleyJules1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

the article says right at the beginning when you click to read the whole story that pics are from very early concepts as development only started on January 5, 2014. Kind of tough to say now what it will look like when finished.

zalanis1714d ago

Sounds very promising. Id love to play a game like eve online on my wiiu. Dlc talks sound promising as well, since its on ninty console, it would be cool if DLC threw in fox macloud or samus. Even if they only flying in the distance or opposite dirtction