Gamers optimistic over 'Call of Duty' three year rotation

Activision has announced that Sledgehammer Games will be developing their own Call of Duty game, which will give Infinity Ward and Treyarch a longer production time. Gamers and critics are optimistic that the new rotation will improve the quality of the series for the new generation consoles.

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stanr1718d ago

Will this improve the COD series or will they just be churning the same game?

Amazingmrbrock1718d ago

They probably want people to stop saying their graphics suck. If the devs have an extra year to work on the game then they can spend a bit more time doing engine stuff.

There definitely won't be an entirely new engine but there will most likely be a lot of changes to the one they are using. Still could do with an across the board engine update though. No matter what they say a rewritten engine will never be as good as a new from scratch one. The engine cod uses can't be compared with the one battlefield uses, and it probably cant be updated to do those things.

Rikuide_Furame1718d ago

Agreed, which is why I don't quite understand the move. Would have preferred one dev team focused solely on engine work and this seems like a quick fix for a publisher hedging its bets.

jamestewart1718d ago

I will get excited once they stop making the last gen versions.

minimur121717d ago

I may not be optimistic, but I do believe it's a good idea. giving a dev 2 1/2 years to crate a game rather than 1 1/2 is great being as like Amazingbrock said, it'll give dev's more time to focus on the finer details and graphics

Matt6661717d ago

it not just the graphics they need to work on they need to work on everything else to, like how overpowered certain weapons are (I.E. the knife killing you in one hit anywhere on the body) and how certain perks and kill streaks are over powered, the lag comp, the broken "anti-cheat" system they have the list just goes on

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Kingthrash3601718d ago

lol we will still be over saturated with cod. 2 years apart aint bad. let my 60+ last over a year

Heisenburger1718d ago

There are three teams working on CoD. Three year development cycles still means one every. single. year.

aondaatje1718d ago

The only thing that can fix CoD is a game release every 2 years. It doesn't matter if there is 3 devs or 300 they are still releasing a game every year and its stale

Soupaman661718d ago

or just dont but a cod game every year. wait every 2,3, or how many years you want, or buy a game specific from it's developer.

N2NOther1718d ago

Uhm. IW and Treyarch do release their COD games every 2 years. Now it will be every 3 for each studio.

raWfodog1717d ago

There is still a COD game being released every year, regardless of who's developing it. He's saying he thinks it would be best to release a COD game to the public every 2 years.

N2NOther1717d ago

He's saying the only way to fix it is releasing it every 2 years and I'm saying that there is a different COD title, with a different story being released every 3 years. Why is it best to wait every 2 years? How is not releasing one every year from a different developer going to "fix" it?

ALS3651718d ago

Lol Cod has been shite ever since MW2. The others have been poor. Heck MW1 is better than anything recent too!

NarooN1718d ago

Thank you! WaW was the last good CoD game. Everything after that has been mediocre at best. I liked Blops 1's campaign and the multiplayer was fun with friends, but even that had a ton of issues.

This move still means we'll get a new game every year, and I doubt they will do much with the extra year of dev time they have besides sitting there drinking Mt. Dew and shoving Doritos down their throats.

e-p-ayeaH1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

Black Ops 2 is pretty decent just letting you know i was surprised by how good it is.

Dmagic1718d ago

waw was terrible mw2 was the last good one.

Godmars2901718d ago

All I can smell is burning aslphalt as something is run into the ground...

T21718d ago

Go ahead make cod every 3 months for all I care. They pretty much do this with dlc and maps already. After bfbc2 there's no going back bops2 was decent but they can't even get hit detection right.. You have a pray and spray shooter with auto Aim and poor hit detection
. A total p.o.s... How they managed to make progressively worse games from mw1 ti mw2 to waw and then straight down the crapper is a small miracle

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