Canadian study links games to “negative development of sociomoral maturity” in youth

A Canadian research team has determined that excessive violent gaming can impair the development of sociomoral maturity in young adults.

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Speed-Racer1717d ago

Boo! More fear mongers. I've been heat shotting people since I was 12 and I my morals still seem to be more in line with what counts as normal according to society.

360ICE1717d ago

What are you talking about? They conducted a study, and because they get a certain result they're fear-mongerers? Don't just look away from studies you don't like.

It's true that conclusions drawn from certain studies can be wrong, and that some studies have sketchy motivations behind them, but don't just automatically dismiss anything either.

Also, for all you know, you could be an exception, or not be able to tell, so who cares about your personal experience?

Speed-Racer1717d ago

But are there any real conclusive gaming studies though? Every year there are studies that go for and against gaming and always seem to have some sort of caveat that makes me doubt the correlation. I think YES, games do impact people differently but these studies never seem to hit the nail on the head. Not like I know any better to conduct a more accurate study, but oh well. It's just a bit interesting to see so many people turn out normal even after playing extremely violent games. I'm sure there are other factors which come into play.

360ICE1717d ago

Many of the studies are small scale and use different tests and criteria, so the sum won't be entirely conclusive.

I don't think anyone went as far as concluding that kids who frequently play violent video games do not turn out normally. Also, it'd be interesting to see if the test adjusts for the high likelihood of these kids having nonchalant parents. If you prevent your kids from playing violent video games - at the very least you care.

twdll1717d ago

I see many more kids nowadays that have low morals. This could be caused by gaming or it could be TV, or it could be Internet, or it could be Twitter, Snapchat, or whatever. You name it. All these things have no parental supervision. That is where morals come into play. They are taught by the parents not the computer.

DeadlyFire1717d ago

Exactly. No parent = bad morals in 90% of all cases.

Bimkoblerutso1717d ago

That IS the real trouble here, I agree. Kids more than ever are growing up digitally. It's not one specific form of media that is instilling that sense of moral ambiguity in young people.

It's the fact that SO DAMN MUCH of a persons development happens through digital media rather than through parenting and peer-to-peer interaction. It's no wonder our whole culture is pervaded by a weird sense of passive apathy these days.

Insomnia_841717d ago

Pff! For all I know, I'll be one of those who will save the world once the zombie/alien invasion comes while the rest hides in fear! I've been training for years!


Whatever! I'm drunk! I find all these studies a waste of time.

extermin8or1717d ago

What is this... this isn't science.... this is biased crap. "The journal of game critisim" and what the f is "Brock University" ? I'm studying physics and 109 people being measured dependant on yet another bullshit Psychology value (based on a quiz-no better than the stupid ones you get in magazines) is not worthy of the news and does not prove anything. I shall investigate more about the "social moral score" when I return from my lecture..

TWB1717d ago

It should be no surprise that excessive exposure of violent video games is harmful for kids/young teens....

Thats why their parents should make sure that they dont play too damn much.

I also want to question how they performed the tests ? Did they just pick 109 8th graders that played video games which some may have bad parents and others great family ? For example, if you have bad parents and play violent video games then your "moral growth" doesnt get any balance from the acts of your parents (like visiting relatives/distant friends and such)

You are just sitting on your ass and play COD/Halo doing nothing else, except for screaming racial slurs ofcourse.

Big shocker ?

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